Cost of a usda license

Posted By: Ashleigh22

Cost of a usda license - 09/07/10 02:21 AM

I rescued a intact female sugar glider with two babies that just came out of pouch. I didn't think I would need a my usda license. I have 3 females that I was going to breed but now I have 4 and 2 males. Any insite on the cost.
Posted By: tjlong

Re: Cost of a usda license - 09/07/10 02:52 AM

I think application is minimal, like $10.00. Then you have to pay a vet for a home visit/inspection and your yearly fees are based on the amount of money you get each year for they gliders you sell.
Posted By: wildlifeangel

Re: Cost of a usda license - 09/07/10 02:59 AM

If you do not plan to keep her as a breeding female (I would not reccommend it if you rescued her), then it should not be necessary for you to get a USDA license. You would qualify for a short time, but it wouldn't be necessary since she will not be breeding again.

Fees range from $10 (the minimum that we all pay first) and the rest depends on how much you think you will make, or how much you made the year before.
Posted By: Ashleigh22

Re: Cost of a usda license - 09/07/10 08:54 PM

The only reason I took the female in is because my co worker was going to lose his home. I didn't plan to keep her just house her till I could find a home. However once I got her home I realized she was currently carring two babies. They are oop and I will rehome her once they are weaned. So I don't need my license. I only intend to have 3 females and a male. However I read someone that because my male will be a lue. Thank you!
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