pool cages?

Posted By: kelii

pool cages? - 03/13/11 05:33 PM

anyone ever make a cage like this?
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: pool cages? - 03/13/11 05:35 PM

I can't say that I've spoken with anyone who has had anything like this. The wire isn't safe for gliders and I don't believe that hardware cloth would be strong enough for it. Then there's the possibility of escape from the bottom where the mesh would hit the pool bottom. Just doesn't look like something I'd be interested in.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/13/11 05:44 PM

Coated wire might be ok to use for this. The plastic meshes would not support themselves, but that might work.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/13/11 06:02 PM

I have been researching cage plans also and have seen one similar, but I personally think that I would become annoyed with the look to it! It looks half made and clunky! There is cages that are similar in size but have large metal pans that slide out to clean! I wish I saved the link but I am going for a tall, pvc cage! Try googling homemade cages (or Hm pvc cages) I found alot of different types of plans that way, and just saved the ones I liked! Now I just have to pick one! lol
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/13/11 08:17 PM

I would worry about where the wire meets the pool.. For escaping reasons.. And possible sharp edges they could cut themselves on... If that makes sense.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/13/11 08:31 PM

I think if it were made properly, you wouldn't have to worry about escaping. I have a cage I keep one of the trios in that's similar in how the bottom and the cage are kept together. The top raises off the bottom, but held together by a spring with a clip on either end. It's a nice cage that was specially made. The gliders do not get out. There's no way.

But I think the one you linked us to is more of an eyesore because of the pool part. roflmao Maybe I'd make something like this for them to play 'outside', but definitely not for in my house. Of course, I'd use all safe materials.
Posted By: SariYappa

Re: pool cages? - 03/13/11 10:43 PM

Well, gliders aside, I think it's a neat idea, and I will be sending this link to a friend of mine whose son just fell in love with his pet rat, and I think he would love to make this for an outdoor playground. thumb
Posted By: kelii

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 11:43 AM

I wonder if there was a way to make it look better, like maybe cutting the pool sides down and painting the outside of it black. Krylon Fusion paint chemically bonds to plastic so it should never start to chip.
Posted By: kelii

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 11:46 AM

I agree guys on the ugliness factor. I'll stop at HD today and start looking into PVC.
Posted By: oakley

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 12:58 PM

I made a few like this years ago .... and then the whole galvanized fiasco happened so I sold them to rat owners smile

Old cages:

I think they'd still make for amazing cages if you used PVC coated wire. You just wrap the wire around in a circle and attach the end to the beginning, then you make a bottom barrier out of mesh (the pan acts as a drop-tray and there is an entire wire bottom so the gliders don't actually get to the very bottom). Then you stabalize it with a few shelves, and the top also acts as the door, you just have to use a good system to keep the top closed just in case they turn into super gliders and think they can push it off.

These also fit through doors, and were very easy to clean wink
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 01:59 PM

What did you use for the bottom Meghan? I think I would like the top on permanently, and just make a series of large or small (or both) side doors so I didn't have to re-decorate the cage every time I opened it, secured with the springy clamp closures like people use with Klubertanz.
Posted By: oakley

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 04:16 PM

The bottom/top are Water Heater pans that you can find at Home Depot or Lowes for under $10 a piece wink
Posted By: kelii

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 04:23 PM

I like that! You can make it as tall as you want too. I'm picturing something ceiling height smile
Posted By: oakley

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 07:03 PM

That would be crazy! We just made it the height of the roll... so 4' smile
Posted By: SariYappa

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 08:09 PM

Meghan, they look awesome! I can see that with the wire we use on wheels! dance
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 08:20 PM

You did a great job Meghan.
I really think that if you take your time, you can make ANYTHING look great!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 09:00 PM

Hmm...I might want a bigger diameter than that for wheels but very cool! Or maybe it just depends on the size of the water heater...Home Depot and Lowes just looooove when I come in and start grabbing things up.
Posted By: kelii

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 09:20 PM

They make a 30" plastic one and they sell it for 9.00 on I was also thinking I could get a 14" cake pan and make a little mouse cage like this.
Posted By: xoerikae

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 09:31 PM

where could you get the pvc coated wire? and how did you secure the two ends together [not the bottom and top, but where the roll meets itself]
Posted By: Kryssidog

Re: pool cages? - 03/14/11 09:44 PM

I have plastic "round serving trays" that I got from the dollar store years ago. It would be considerably smaller but a good choice for temporary use. Just a thought.

I also have a smaller pool. I often get a pool for my dogs at WalMart and put it outside for them. Clean it weekly and they play in it and drink from it and cool off. They are inside dogs. This past year though I found a much smaller pool at PetSmart. I had it inside (just didn't make it outside) and needed to vacuum. I threw the dog bed in it and the dog decided it was nice bed. Needless to say the pool is now a dog bed. All this to say - I have a small indoor pool for my dogs.
Posted By: oakley

Re: pool cages? - 03/15/11 07:11 PM

I'm fairly certain these were 24" in diameter. The 30" diameter ones would be PLENTY big enough for even the largest of wheels!

The real beauty of this cage (when I had it) was that it was so easy to move, fit through doors, clean, and decorate. Since it was round, my gliders would literally run laps, jump from one side to the other, and make full use of the cage. If I ever build more cages, I'm definitely going with this idea, but I would probably build doors into the side as well. It would be tricky trying to deal with the curve, but I think it wouldn't be too hard to figure out wink
Posted By: oakley

Re: pool cages? - 03/15/11 07:36 PM

Oh, and there are a few places to get PVC or Vinyl coated wire.


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