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PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 06:47 PM

I am a newbie to the sugar Glider forums but have a serious question. I am interested in building my own cage from the PVC mesh. However I have heard that gliders have adverse reactions to PVC's toxicity. I have seen MANY cages built from this and the gliders seem very healthy. I have also seen one in convulsions assumedly from the PVC coating on it's cage. Can anyone help me?
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 07:11 PM

It is NOT necessarily PVC. There was/is a problem with some of the pvc coated wire used to make cages. It caused many gliders serious illness and many deaths. These cages were made from wire sold by Klubertanz, cages made and sold by Martin's Cages and cages sold by Pocket Pets.

Pocket Pets contacted those that had purchased these cages and offered safe replacements. They also offered replacement cages to those that bought from Martin's.

It is believed that the manufacture of this specific wire somehow changed their manufacturing process or suppliers or something. If it has been determined just what "went wrong", that information has not been shared on GC. So many are not taking the chance of using this wire for their cages.

PVC in and of itself is NOT unsafe. Many use PVC water line pipes to make the frames for cages (and toys) as well as the plastic hardware cloth (called landware) and both are safe to use.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 08:44 PM

So dancing if you are buying wire where are people getting it from now I bought mine from klubertanz and if I need to change suppliers please tell me where to go
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 08:58 PM

When did you buy it? The problems seems to have started about Sept 2010 and the connection was made in about Jan or Feb.

I know I won't be buying that type of wire any time in the next couple of years or until it is PROVEN safe. Until such time as "they" come forward with the name of the manufacture of the "toxic" wire and can give me a 1000% guarentee that what I am purchasing isn't going to kill my animals, I'm just not willing to risk it with my gliders.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 10:32 PM

So we know for a fact that Klubertanz also had the bad wire? Where can we get documentation on the problems that were seen and the sources? I've been looking around since I may want to build another cage or expand the one I have and I like the look and flexibility of PVC-coated wire but I'm not going to subject my suggies to questionable products.

I have to extend kudos to PP if they really did contact customers of their own volition because it's been tough trying to find information about this problem from sources other than comments on the glider forums.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 10:34 PM

Silverwolf, to give you more info that may help you, and I am a newbie so please bear with me,I was checking out youtube ragarding pvc cages and as far as I can tell the video I saw was posted earlier this year and the man's sugar had been in the cage for a while before the problem was discovered. please go to youtube - pcv cages, Luna to view this. There was only one other comment that I noticed that basically quoted what Dancer said. I wrote mainly because I was concerned about the PVC mesh that many owners are using to build cages with and feel much easier about building my cage now. I would NOT want to even think about putting my suggies thru that if I could help it. Your cage may very well be one coming after the incidents, but please check it out.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 10:48 PM

Paani, I have been looking and looking and I believe I am going with the PVC Mesh (LANDWARE). It looks very much like the mesh you see on the side of the road during construction only lots smaller. The squares are approx. 1/2 inch and it comes on rolls in the fencing section of the home improvement stores. It is not expensive, is very flexible (because the is NO wire in it)and very good for the gliders to climb on. I would not hang anything weighty from it so I will be putting some supports on the roof and sides to attach things to.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/27/11 11:08 PM

I've seen the PVC mesh and can get it at Lowe's or Home Depot, it's just not what I want to use if I decide to build another cage or expand the one I've built. My current cage is PVC-coated wire from Klubertanz I bought over a year ago, well before the apparent problems surfaced. My guys love their cage but I'm trying to ready myself in case my new adoptees don't get along with my current pair.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/28/11 02:31 AM

Dancing I bought it when I got my first glider about 9 years ago it has been great but I got it long before there was an issue with it.
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Re: PVC POISONING - 09/28/11 02:41 AM

ok here is my input on what was written I have had this cage for over 5 years and at that time there was not issue with the wire in fact klubertanz was recommended on here that is how I found them.I also have the wire from the hardware store that you mentioned from lowes it is ok but I dont think it is the same it is more flimsy and and just not the same I can use it but they come in rolls that are smaller than what I bought so my cages are smaller would I buy from klubertanz if it is related to the glider dying issue NO so I have not boughten any nor do I plan to I just wanted to know somewhere else that I could get the sturdier wire from that was safe not start an argument on here.
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