Need suggestions - special needs male glider

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Need suggestions - special needs male glider - 09/28/11 04:03 AM

I am using my wife's login because I can't seem to get registered.
We have a new boy (rescue/surrender) who has lost one front paw and  
the opposite side rear foot. He also has an ear that has been trimmed  
back.  We don't have details on these old healed injuries. We know he  
was chased by young boys in his kennel and his previous mom yelled at  
the boys. We have had him about 3 weeks now and he has bonded to me. I  
continue to try to get him to come out of his pouch but he is  
terrified. He will eat out of my fingers, pop and click, but put his  
head down into the bottom of his pouch and hide if anything happens  
(like shadow changes). I think he is terrified of the world and am  
trying to find ways to change this.

I do plan on getting in touch with Jackie_Chans_Mom and Bourbon (who  
my wife calls "the glider whisperer". But I'm open to suggstions for  
playtime, toys, techniques etc.  He is one special boy and needs  
special care. Of course we are going slow but he is showing signs that  
we can pull him through this. - C. B. Pouch Pilot

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Re: Need suggestions - special needs male glider - 09/28/11 12:20 PM

So sorry that there's been no response here - I don't have experience with special needs gliders, especially a case like this one but I do highly recommend talking with Val - she has several special needs gliders (as you already know) so please, give her a call and discuss it with her! She'll be happy to give you any information you might need!

I'm also going to move this into the Special Needs forum for you. smile
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Re: Need suggestions - special needs male glider - 09/28/11 06:25 PM

Thanks Aimee.
Maybe something with pop up.
I'm going to print out her profile and give it to hubby tonight. We were using phones for the post and you know how limited those screens are. I had to wait to get to work to have fast internet, large screen & printer.
Thanks again.
I know I've in the past printed out threads from these people and the "into the bonding pit" but haven't had time to find them so maybe today I can reprint these also for him.
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Re: Need suggestions - special needs male glider - 12/29/11 03:03 AM

I just wanted to wish you good luck, as I don't really have experience with special needs gliders to be able to offer any advise.
It sounds like the little guy is in a good and caring hands, I hope he is able to come to the realization that every shadow isn't out to get him and can find some peace in his life.
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Re: Need suggestions - special needs male glider - 12/29/11 01:45 PM

Do give me a call. He won't need much in terms of modifications. You might also read here about a glider I had who was missing two legs:
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Re: Need suggestions - special needs male glider - 12/30/11 12:16 AM

Thank you for the story of Riddick. Cosmo has been making huge strides. He has stopped crabbing in his bag at us, he allows me to put my hand in the bag and craddle him. He enjoys riding around with me all day. You can hear his happy clicking especially when I craddle him.
We have been doing tent time with him and I love when he runs past me in his sideways run. He has not been nuetered but we have been putting girls in with him, he allows them to climb into his bag, rub on him, click and chatter, he usually play the shy boy though.
Cosmo continues to act depressed. He hides face down in his bag most of the time. He hides under the fleece we put down in his wire cage after he spends time out in the tent or too much interaction. We are still working on this. We are going to nueter him in Jan.
We have started intros but it's hard to set up situations were he can choose to interact. I would love to talk to you about this little guy who has come to me with a challenge I can't resist.
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