need help

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need help - 01/11/07 09:47 PM

i also posted this in the housing forum before i saw this one. sorry. we might be getting a blind glider. we plan on having her introduced as a cage mate for one of my other gliders, who has nothing wrong with him. we are getting him neutered before she comes. i was wondering if anyone could help with how to set up the cage for her and any ohter info on blind gliders would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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Re: need help - 01/11/07 09:52 PM

i can not offer direct knowledge as I have not kept a blind glider …. But I would think it would be important to not change the cage around to much… keep water in the same place, same thing for food… I am sure others will be along that have more experience with blind gliders…

Re: need help - 01/11/07 09:54 PM

I went ahead and locked this topic since you already have one going and moved your other thread into Special Needs which could be found HERE wink
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