new special addition to the family

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new special addition to the family - 08/30/08 06:13 AM

I just added a couple new guys to our family on Sunday and am looking for any tips some of you more experienced folks might have for me. They are 2 adult males, both neutered, very bonded to each other, learning to like my voice and loving my mealies and one of them has a hind leg missing and suffers some damage from prior hlp. Lucky is his name and he's not been nearly as active as his buddy but I expected he might not be until he gets used to me and the rest of the crew. It's been a hectic week here but I will be getting them in for a well check probably on Wednesday of the coming week. That said, are there things I need to be aware of or make my vet aware of in regards to his special abilities?

Most of my gliders are in 20"w x 20"d x 48"h cages that i build myself and i'm thinking of building theirs with the same dimensions only laying it on it's side-does this sound ok or since the other guy in there is healthy would this be detrimental to him?

Is there a special wheel or some type of modification I need to make for him in that area? seems i've heard something mentioned but can't find it anywhere now. I've yet to see either of them in the comfort wheel that is in the temporary cage with them. The rest of my cages have the flex clones or some flex clone variation that I've built myself and will this one be okay for these guys?

Other than extra hammocks are there other cage modifications that I need to make for this lil guy in particular?

Thanks in Advance for any info and advice!
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Re: new special addition to the family - 08/30/08 12:22 PM

You are a true glider angel for taking this special little guy & his companion into your heart & home gangel Really, other than the hammocks in various strategic places throughout the cage, you won't really need to make any other special modifications for him. I know that Jackie_Chans_Mom has a very nice cage set up for her Jackie Chan... let me find the link to the photo she recently posted so you can see it.
Personally, I would leave the cage in the vertical position due to his companion's needs. When my Pika (HLP glider) and her Cricky were still alive, I had them in a vertical cage, just made sure there were the hammocks for safety nets.
As far as the wheel is concerned, TGI (The Glider Initiative) is in the process of coming out with a therapeutic wheel that will have magnets for magnet therapy in it. I have two of them pre-ordered for my special needs gliders wink Right now, they are not taking any more pre-orders while they finish tweaking the design, but they will post them once they're available for purchase.
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Re: new special addition to the family - 08/30/08 08:04 PM

Thanks Suz, for your kind words. These guys did not have a bad home prior to me but their previous owners felt that they weren't getting the attention they deserved with their busy home and I was recommended as the gal who would love them no matter what and give them what they deserve and need. I think I've seen those Jackie Chan pics maybe-lots of polka dots n hammocks? If so I've seen them and loved it for both reasons. Since I now have the second opinion on the cage specs I'm thinking maybe of going 40x40x20-I use the ventilated shelving that comes in 20" sections and I think I'd have more options with hammock hanging that way, sounds like a good lazy labor day project.

I keep hearing about this magnet therapy, someone please explain the benefits and whys of this to me. I so prefer natural treatments and whole foods to drugs and supplements so I am very intrigued but am one of those peeps who has to know why generally before I jump on a band wagon and try something I don't fully understand. This tends to apply more strongly when it affects one of my animals than it does myself-lol.

Also someone please refresh me on who the tgi contact person is, I'm planning to attend the OH gathering and I'm pretty sure someone from tgi is coming so maybe that would be a good time to see and/or purchase one of these new wheels. It's still a couple months away so perhaps they would be caught up on orders by then, dunno I usually make my own wheels, is this something I could possibly incorporate myself? I'm pretty handy, clumsy but handy, and have a garage full of tools thanks to my spoiled hubby. If not then these guys are definitely worth the splurge though I usually try to do my own accessories and save my $$ for vet care and diet.
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Re: new special addition to the family - 08/31/08 01:03 PM

What type of complications from previous HLP are you seeing?

If he is easily mobile, just not quite as active as the rest of your gliders, then I agree with Suz: I would leave the cage in the upright position with lots of hammocks and resting places.

I am always available by phone if you should have questions or just want to talk. 806-274-9177

TGI's information email is

I am so glad that these babies found a loving home. Please keep us updated ..... and I know I, for one, would love some pictures! wink
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Re: new special addition to the family - 08/31/08 09:02 PM

He is not nearly as active as his cage mate-though his cage mate is a lil bonkers at times, lol. I think that some of the hyper actions of the healthy guy/Trae is he seems to be the protector of Lucky. Lucky at times seems to have use of his rear legs and at others does not. I will feel better about it all after I get them into the vet this week I'm sure. I've been told that if you removed one from the other's sight then whoever is left in the cage will shake until their buddy is returned but I don't have the heart to try it. I've had them in a bonding pouch a couple days this week for an hour or so and plan to get in the tent with them tonight for a while and let them explore me. Trae is reaching that more curious than skittish phase quicker than Lucky but I'm hoping Lucky will be ok with it so long as his buddy is there with him. I plan to take them in in their pouch in case I'm wrong so he doesn't feel forced to accept me and we can do things on his terms. These 2 both have some of the most adorable facial expressions and are quickly capturing my heart full force. I think I'm gonna get out and go in search of some type of 'faces' fleece this afternoon for their first cage set-seems quite appropriate for them at this point.

Val you may have made a mistake giving me ur #. I'm a big Cowboys fan and now that I'd have 2 reasons to visit Texas I quite possibly could track u down and show up at ur door-j/k for now. That would be quite a trip for one night(that's the max I can stand to leave someone else in charge of the fuzzies) and I can't see me packing my fuzzy dozen for a trip unless it's an emergency one. Thanks for the tgi info, I'll be looking into this magnet stuff some more. I'm afraid I haven't attempted the photobucket thing as of yet but maybe soon.
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Re: new special addition to the family - 08/31/08 10:00 PM

We have 2 rescues that came to us ill years ago. One had HLP and a tail amputated, the other missing a foot and ill. We were scared to death and booby trapped the entire small cage with hammocks, pvc mesh, you name it. They did fine and we realized that we were hindering them from playing with all of our "safety" nets and things.

IF he is climbing good, use the normal measures for falling but give him "room" also. Ours use the Wodent wheels in their cage and have the Stealth for tent time. They do great with both now smile

Peanut lost her entire leg to her hip. She learned how to use the Stealth wheel just fine with us practicing with her.
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