Blind Rescue Questions...

Posted By: Mel2mdl

Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 05:35 PM

I just took in a little guy who has been fed mostly fruit his entire life. A week before I got him, he got sick and his mommy took him to the vet. He had mild calcium defiency, but his x-rays looked good. He also had part of his tail amputated. He is on 3 different medications right now - antibiotic, pain, and calcium. (For 4, 2, and 4 more days.)

So - he is in a smaller cage. One of the starter cages, actually. Not to tall since he likes to climb. He has hammocks all over. He is sleeping in the hammocks. Is this normal?

Also, he was sleeping in cedar. Not anymore, of course. But, could that be part of his blindness? Is it possible that he might regain his sight, if it is?

How do I feed him? The first night, he had no problems. But, last night he didn't eat a thing. (He is eating high protien/calcium ensure, yogurt and now I've added HPW.) When I held the ensure/hpw mix up, he ate a full half of it in one sitting. I had to hold him and the food. It is in the same place.

Finally - he holds his front paws curled up tightly. He CAN open them when he is using them and he does use them, but, if he is sleeping or resting, they are curled. Does that mean anything?

Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated. He is an incredible sweetheart. He was loved, it was just lack of knowledge that led to this. frown
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Re: Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 05:50 PM

Awwww, that precious little baby! Thank you for taking him in. I 'believe' the clench fist thing may have something to do with the calcium issue. I have heard that before. I am sure others will chime in. For now, you may need to continue feeding him, always in the same spot. Depending on the nature of his blindness, if it is diet related it MAY return or at least get a little better. Pru came here blind (diet related as well). Her eyesite did not improve, unfortunately. But I have heard of others that have. Sending prayers for this little guy. He is very lucky to have found his way to his special angel. Give him a kiss for me. He will be in my nightly prayers. Does he have a name?
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Re: Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 05:54 PM

Oh boy - I am sure glad this lil boy made it to you! I know the cedar would be likely to cause respritory issues, I'm not sure what else it would cause. I would recommend you contact Val Betts (Jackie Chans Mom) and perhaps Bourbon about this lil boy as he obviously is not right and will need some long term care to get him on the right track. I know when my Stewie is severely constipated, he will stand up on his hind legs and grip his hands tightly for up to five minutes while he works out his poop. Your boy is eating Ensure, which can cause extreme constipation, but I think this is way beyond that. This is unfortunately the only advice I can give you. I believe Val has her home phone number on her website - let me see if I can find it for you...
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Re: Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 05:59 PM

Ok, I couldn't find Val's phone #, but I PM'd her with a link to this thread, hopefully she will see it soon. Good luck with this boy! (((HUGS)))
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Re: Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 07:08 PM

I am in contact with Val, kinda. In fact, she may be getting him next week - if I can give him up.

His poopie is great - not too hard or soft. He is also very hydrated - I've gone thru a few shirts already! roflmao Seriously - the tent test is the best I've seen. Goes right back down. He overate the first night - I could actually see his tummy was enlarged. But I added some hammocks and chains in his cage for safety and he got lost, I guess.

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Does he have a name?

Yes, he does. Marcy. They were told he was a she. When they first contacted me about taking him, they were concerned about the "swelling on her belly" and the baldness. I pointed out it was not a girl. The vet concurred. smile So he was called Marc - but my husband is Mark, so - nope. I think we will call him Marcell.

He is being treated by a vet, whom I really like - she's treated other gliders of mine.
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Re: Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 07:45 PM

Marcell....I like it! Does he have visible cataracts? I'm sure in a week, it will be even harder to part with him! God bless.
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Re: Blind Rescue Questions... - 09/22/08 09:27 PM

Nope - eyes are clear, just not working... cry
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