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blind suggie - 03/06/09 04:47 PM

Stella has become blind and her cage I feel is to big. Its a 4x3x2. She only stays in her bed and steps out onto the food shelf by her bed. She does not adventure any further. My question is would she do better in a smaller cage like this or any other suggestions.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/06/09 05:07 PM

Is she older? Is she blind with age?

My blind glider is quite young and active. I have her in a 65 gallon reptarium. She does GREAT in that.

She likes to climb on the sides, and seems to know her way around. She does very well with routine, also. She even runs in her wheel every night, and I've seen her glide!

Adia also has a sighted cage mate. Leila helps her around, and also shows her new things. I would strongly recommend trying Stella with a sighted companion.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/06/09 05:52 PM

Stella is 5 yrs old. She and her sister ate a cricket that got into the house that was sprayed with insecticides. Luna was dead when I found them the next morning and Stella was near death. That was about 3 months ago and she became blind from it. She does great when we have play time. But the cage she is very afraid of. She knows the cage well, just thought maybe she would feel more secure in a smaller one.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/06/09 06:42 PM

Someone once told me that animals can sense when another animal has passed in a cage and will sometimes refuse to return to the cage, or act very strange in it. I wonder if she's having issues with that as well as her being insecure with her blindness.

I have no experience with blind gliders, I just wanted to offer hugs.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/06/09 06:45 PM

Like Alden said, I would recommend getting a cage mate for Stella. She is already blind, and if you don't get her a cage mate, she could very well slip into depression. I don't think getting her a smaller cage would help. I think that cage is too small.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/06/09 07:27 PM

I also agree that that cage is way too small. She might still be grieving the loss of her companionship. And dealing with becoming blind at the same time.

I also agree that you need to get her a sighted companion as soon as possible. It will help her with becoming blind and also if she is suffering from depression from losing her cagemate.

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Re: blind suggie - 03/10/09 04:01 PM

First thank you for all the information. Second, I decided not to get a smaller cage but to move Stella's bedding, food, toys, ect. to the bottom of the cage and last night she was out and playing. Yeah......I guess being up high and not seeing was a little overwhelming. She is happy again.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/13/09 10:36 PM

Since she seems happier now (clap) You may want to turn the cage on it's side so that she has more room to move around, but it isn't very high, so that she feels more comfortable. dunno
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Re: blind suggie - 03/13/09 10:56 PM

I'm sorry I didn't see this thread sooner, I also have a blind glider. Hook was born blind and like Alden said is quite active. I did have some issues with him at first with is brother who became quite the bully! He lives in the cage with his parents and does really well. I try not to change things around for him because he does stress and will refuse to eat. Toys are always in the same place and so is the food. Since he was born blind I have never been able to get him to use a water bottle so he drinks out of a dish. Their cage is 3x2x3. If you plan on getting Stella a buddy and I think that will be great for her, I recommend you do so with a female joey. That way the joey will pose no threat to her, just go very slowly with intros. It's amazing how much the buddy will do for her. Hook sometimes gets lost on the way to the pouch, and either parent will click to him to help him find his way. Please remember that even though she is blind she can also suffer from depression. I wish you the best of luck with Stella, should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
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Re: blind suggie - 03/31/09 02:48 PM

Thats is a very sad story... Many blessing to you and Stella. shakehead
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Re: blind suggie - 04/10/09 12:31 AM

I tend to agree with the rest of the posts - Stella needs a buddy -

When I had Pepe Le Pu alone my vet gave me another male glider that looked like he was either on his last legs or just young - Turns out he was about 8 or 9 yrs old so my Pepe would show him the ropes and they got along great - then when my Pomeranian got hold of Pepe (she didn't bite him - just scared him) and he died of freight a few hrs later - the little glider (we called him Bandit) was lost - he passed about 4 months later -

I stopped with the glider thing for about a year then started breeding and all was well after that -

Good luck with whatever you decide -

And I'd get a bigger cage for Stella - (just my opinion)

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