Silver Wattle Gum Trees.

Posted By: Srlb

Silver Wattle Gum Trees. - 01/13/17 10:38 PM

Did you know that one of the most eaten things by sugar gliders is the silver wattle gum tree?

Not only do they scrape the tree bark to get to the sap that it holds inside, it also attracts bugs in the spring and fall when the flowers are blooming and they not only eat the bugs, but also the flowers.

Well, guess what my gliders are all getting in their cages tonight? Yep, Silver Wattle branches!
Posted By: Feather

Re: Silver Wattle Gum Trees. - 01/14/17 01:19 AM

Where did you get the silver wattle branches?
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Silver Wattle Gum Trees. - 01/14/17 02:37 AM

Hummm... I googled that images.... There was a lady showed up holding a camera.... Looks like a familiar face....

Still researching.. Acacia tree... wonder if they will grow in Missouri,

Or maybe move to Florida...
Posted By: TwoDog

Re: Silver Wattle Gum Trees. - 01/14/17 07:52 AM

Surely someone sells these over the internet...?
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Silver Wattle Gum Trees. - 01/14/17 02:46 PM

I actually ordered these straight from Australia and had the sent here. Planted them last year around the end of summer. They grow really fast
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