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Posted By: Alan

Critter Love Pellets/ BML - 04/07/17 03:01 PM

I'm looking to get some pellets for my girls. They seem relatively active throughout the day, even just popping in and out of their pouch. Figured I'd leave something for a snack if they wanted it.
I saw Critter love has 2 kinds of pellets and was looking at maybe getting a kind. However, I'm serving BML which is super strict. Will pellets go against that since it's just a day time snack? Also, is there a type your glider prefers? I just want something for them to snack on and figured I'd ask around what people who are feeding BML do and what type your glider enjoys? They are still joeys (11 weeks old) so still very new.
Posted By: kidqwik

Re: Critter Love Pellets/ BML - 04/07/17 05:49 PM

I recommend the Happy Glider ones that Critter Love recommends. They have a variety of flavors at Pet-Pro. Happy Glider Pellets
Posted By: Feather

Re: Critter Love Pellets/ BML - 04/07/17 11:15 PM

Happy Glider kibble is the best out there.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Critter Love Pellets/ BML - 04/08/17 10:24 AM

I use the same kibble. I do use Critter Love Complete . And I only put 10-20 pieces in a dish at a time. I also used a kibble for daytime snacks when mine were on BML.
(I went to CL for convenience because we travel)

Posted By: Terry

Re: Critter Love Pellets/ BML - 04/08/17 03:52 PM

I don't know much about BML, I feed CLO (Critter Love Original), but I agree Happy Glider pellets from PetPro are the best from everything I've read. On their website you should be able to purchase a variety sample package. That's what I did, my gliders preferred the fruit flavor. I usually place some pellets in forage toys for them to snack on. Some days/nights it seems they empty or almost empty them, and other times there is some left over. I leave those for the next day/night, then dump if any left and add fresh.
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