Questions about HONEY!!

Posted By: bae

Questions about HONEY!! - 09/08/17 01:35 AM

I was wondering why it's said NOT to use Honey with the words unfiltered and raw in the title?!
I have an Organic Honey that is labeled as Pure & Raw 100 Percent, right on the label. So this would be a no no? Is that just for the BML diet that has the Honey in the ingredients. Or is it just in general, that Gliders can NOT have it at all.
If that's the case, I'll get new Honey. But what words would I be looking for on the label?
ALSO I wanted to know if you could add Honey to the Glider Crack to make it a little sweeter.
And why isn't there Honey in the TPG diet, because it seems like an important part of a lot of others. Just thought it was odd.

Thanks guys, this forum is great and very informative.
Posted By: josefine

Re: Questions about HONEY!! - 09/08/17 09:02 PM

we can have raw honey, it is the unfiltered we shouldn't use,
b/c it has bits and pieces of honeycomb in it, which will not digest well in their system.
regular honey is not that healthy for them, b/c it's been processed so much.
raw really is the best. it tastes better, too.
Posted By: bae

Re: Questions about HONEY!! - 09/11/17 01:04 PM

Awesome! Thank you!! I'll continue using the Organic Raw Honey that I have.

If anyone else could tackle the other questions...
Can I add Honey to the Glider Crack?
And why isn't there Honey in the TPG Diet, considering it seems like such an important part of so many other diets?
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Questions about HONEY!! - 09/16/17 12:36 AM

BML has never, and to date, still does not recommend RAW honey. I have no idea why.

RAW honey is the BEST kind of honey one can use. It is full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

As for the Glider Crack, NO, do not add in honey. Glider Crack was developed for SICK gliders having a hard time keeping weight on. This should not be fed to healthy animals as they can/will become obese and therefore causing health issues.

You would have to contact Priscilla over at the Pet Glider to ask her why there is no honey in her diet plan.

To see the differences between the RAW and Pure honey, please go here:
Raw honey
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