New Member Needs Diet Help***

Posted By: Chanda

New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/08/18 05:59 AM

Hi Dawn! I am new to Glider Central and I am looking for an Extremely Healthy eating Plan for my 3 Babies! I donít care how much it costs or how long it takes to prepare! They were on pocket Pets Gravy and pellets. They hate the pellets and the Gravy has changed somehow in color and flavor, so they hardly touch it! I have been feeding them scrambled eggs, fresh organic vegetables and fruits and chicken. Mealworms for snack. Yogiís for a treat. Pocket pets vitamins. I want them to be healthyand Happy with their food! Any suggestions??

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Chanda, Tinkers, Bella, Yogi
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/08/18 02:16 PM

I feed mine Critterlove Plus along with the recommended salads.

The PP gravy in itself is Critterlove ( CL for short). They do have a specific diet to follow, I've never fed it before.

I like the salads because there is some much and such a variety within it, it allows the gliders to have some change within each serving.(hum I'm not sure that made sense...)
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Re: New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/08/18 02:19 PM

Sorry, forgot to say:

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Posted By: Feather

Re: New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/09/18 12:06 AM

Are you referring to the Glider Gravy sample you got with your gliders. I have seen them and if they are not fresh they do get darker.

I think you would be happy with the Critterlove plan, whether it be Complete where you just add water or Plus where you add your own bee pollen, honey and 3 scrambled eggs.

My guys love their plus and I do rotate through the 5 salad mixtures on her website. Click here for salad mixtures

There is a lot of good information about diets on her site as well so go look around. Critterlove
Posted By: Claralice

Re: New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/09/18 02:39 AM

Hi, I used the BML but have switched to Critterlove as my gliders have blossomed and they love it.
Nice to have you on the forum and this site is awesome!
Posted By: sugarfluff

Re: New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/09/18 03:02 PM

I agree with the others as well. I started using BML for the first few months but switched to CL Complete. Its so much easier to prepare, smells a ton better, the f&v portion has much more variety and most importantly they do well with it and usually eat most of everything.
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: New Member Needs Diet Help*** - 11/18/18 05:36 AM

If you'd like to learn about the most common diet plans and do a bit of research, here are a few good links:
Diet History
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