Ideas for diet recipes!

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Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/16/19 03:53 PM

Hey all! I've had my 4 suggies for about 4 months now and can hoenstly say I am simply in love <3
So, like many suggie parents, the diet thing is the most stressful because of course I want my babies to have everything they
need in addition to the things they like. I have been feeding them the Priscilla Price diet aka The Pet glider diet since i got them and
they seemed to like it but I am running out of ideas for them. The exact recipe of the website doesn't give any specifics, so
i am very curious and looking forward to seeing your recipes!

In addition to recipes, leave a little comment about what diet you are feeding your suggies if it is not TPG and what you like to mix up at home!

Any diet info is welcomed:) Can't wait to hear from you all.
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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/17/19 02:54 AM

Hi, I only feed CritterLove with salads. My four are looking so good!
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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/17/19 03:29 AM

I feed and recommend Critterlove diets. Critterlove diets have been scientifically tested and they continue to be tested. You can use Plus, where you add your own eggs, bee pollen and honey or Complete where you just add water.

There are five different salad mixtures that you can mix up and freeze, you are to mix one up and feed it til it is gone then choose another salad and mix that up until it is gone.

Each glider gets a tablespoon of Critterlove Plus (which freezes to the consistency of ice cream) or Complete (which needs to be frozen in ice cube trays) and two tablespoons of salad each night.

There are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in each salad and they are balanced when feed with Critterlove.

I do not recommend TPG, there are two many inconsistencies with egg in one and chicken or turkey in another. I really don't like the sprinkling on of the vitamins. Either the first one to the food dish gets to many vitamins and minerals and the last one to the dish doesn't get enough and I have also seen it where they will not eat anything the vitamins have been sprinkled on.

Check out the Critterlove diet here:
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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/17/19 04:19 AM

I have fed BML, HPW and OHPW.

I now feed Critterlove with salad( mix #3 most of the time). It takes the guesswork out of mealtime and I don't have to worry about them getting enough of the calcium to phosphourus ratio.
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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/17/19 02:47 PM

Originally Posted by shanifanch
I have been feeding them the Priscilla Price diet aka The Pet glider diet since i got them and
they seemed to like it but I am running out of ideas for them. The exact recipe of the website doesn't give any specifics

You are correct in that many people find diet very confusing until they find the one that works for them and their gliders.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the highlighted portion of your post, but the recipe on the website does give you specific amounts and directions for making the recipe for two gliders.

Anyway you are wanting to switch, and you have been given an excellent recommendation for the Critterlove products.

Anywhere you see the word diet highlighted in the text, click on it and it will take you to our database where you will find other diets you can look at to see if you would be interested in any of them.
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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/22/19 01:57 PM

Thank you for your reply! I suppose I came off a bit unclear as to what I was expecting from this post, I apologize! Honestly it sounded a lot different in my head when I was typing it lol!

Anyway - by specifics I meant moreso the exact ingredients used in each mixture for the fruits/veggies and protein..I see that the site explains how, just as humans do, gliders like more of a variety so if you're able to make a few different batches at one time and give some variety to dinner time each week then your babies would be good to go! But, i came to a stop when i was trying to figure out different combinations and began my search for the perfect diet once again. I guess what i was looking for is just some ideas as to what your suggies like compared to other suggies in a different home and what everyone finds to be the most liked ingredients and so on!

Does that make more sense to you guys? I hope so haha!

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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/22/19 03:01 PM

I know there are many people who have success with Priscilla's diet plan, however, many of us do not like a diet that sprinkles the vitamins rather than having them incorporated in the staple. That is because unless they are thoroughly mixed into the staple, you can never be sure which glider is getting vitamins and which is getting little or possibly none.

Now, I think I understand your question, so let's start with the veggies. Many people use the mixed veggies you can get. Using those will give you a good idea after a few days what your gliders like and don't. It's possible they will like them all. In that case, good for them. They will be good veggie eaters wink

For the fruits, look at the list Priscilla has given you and pick a couple. I find the fruit list a little more difficult:

Favorites include: oranges, papayas, tangerines, pineapples, mangos, cantaloupes, bananas, kiwi, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries that have been pitted. If you peel a fruit before you eat it, then peel it for your sugar glider.

I say the list is difficult because there are not fruits listed that are commonly fed with other diet plans such as apple, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, blackberries. That being said each diet plan will include different fruits and veggies to keep the diet balanced.

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Re: Ideas for diet recipes! - 02/22/19 03:06 PM

Lets try this.....

My gliders are on the Critterlove diet. The Critterlove mixture, Plus or Complete is the gliders protein portion of the meal. It also has vitamins, minerals and other important things.

Their salad is one of the 5 salad mixtures from the Critterlove web site.

My glider eat just about everything in the salads.

The Critterlove fed with the salad mixtures is a balanced diet for our pet sugar gliders. It has and continues to be scientifically studied.
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