Questions, so many questions?

Posted By: Hubster

Questions, so many questions? - 05/05/19 02:40 PM

Hi everyone,
I’ve had my boys for a month now. Poe was born Dec 19 and Rue was born Nov 19. They’re on TPG which is what the breeder had them on, but they don’t eat all their dinner? Actually usually only 1/4 to half max. I’ve made several batches most recently with their favourites (banana, cantaloupe, berries, bok choi peas, kale, beans, green pepper with a little bit of corn thrown in. No change in the amount they’re eating. Is it because they are young still? I give them 2tbsp (for both) with the vitamins, they’re getting the vitamins because that’s on top. They seem healthy/happy otherwise. Should I be concerned? Suggestions on what I can try with them?
I had considered trying critterlove but when I made a batch I didn’t like the smell. What do you think??

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Re: Questions, so many questions? - 05/05/19 03:34 PM


I'm not familiar with the TPG diet, but I can tell you it's normal for them to not clean their plate every night no matter what diet they are on. Since they are still joeys, you can cut down on their portions. Just watch their plates and try to keep it so they leave a little bit in the morning.

One last thing on the TPG. After you sprinkle their vitamins on, mix it up a bit so the first glider to the plate doesn't get all the vitamins.


It took me a bit to get used to the CL complete smell. The CL plus smells and tastes better. I have switched back and forth (depending on the circumstances) with both and they eat both very well. I like the consistency of the CL plus. I can freeze it in a tub and it has the consistency of ice cream.

I hope this was helpful.
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Re: Questions, so many questions? - 05/05/19 04:03 PM

Thank you yes! I’ve also heard that depending on what they eat it can make them smell stronger or less. I’ve got 2 (neutered males). Have you noticed any difference with their overall smell depending on which diet they are on? Maybe I will give CL another try then. Cal plus you say? What’s the preparation for that? You don’t need to add vitamins for that diet right? Only salad?
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Re: Questions, so many questions? - 05/05/19 07:50 PM

Critterlove plus needs

Raw filtered honey( no honey comb ), bee pollen and scrambled or boiled eggs added. Recipe is on package.

I have no experience with TPG, I have fed BML. Both BML and CL don't seem to make them smell. Lots of mealies seem to make them smell.
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