Mealworm Farming small scale

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Mealworm Farming small scale - 06/07/19 11:00 PM

Chapter 1 Making a 3 drawer system

I started my mealworm farm about 15 months ago. I didn't set up a post in case I failed. My farm is really small. In acreage terms it's about .0000312 square acre, or about 196 square inches. It has to be able to travel with us while we are on the road and be tolerable in the RV. Well, guess what? I did it!!!!!

Start up cost me about $10 for the 3 drawer bin and a can of 100 mealworms from the pet store. I had been saving up the old worm bedding or substrate (I only kept the wheat bran. It's their food source.) for months. I cleaned the fras(poo) out with a screen, and just kept adding to it for about 6 months of buying meal worms at the pet store. It cost me about $ 40 and had the benefit of feeding the mealworms too.

So for start up of the farm I bought a small 3plastic drawer set up here are the pics when it was new and a few details.

This is a drop system where the beetles lay eggs and they drop through to the second drawer which is the nursery.

Modifying the drawers

Beetle Drawer:
The top drawer I cut the bottom out of within 1/4" of the edge and hot glued plastic screen all the way around. Since this system is portable, I also hot glued a hinged lid on top. If you use a larger drawer system it's not necessary. I was concerned bettles would climb and they don't. I should have used metal screen instead. Some eggs don't always fall through the plastic very well.

Second and Third Drawer:

I drilled holes in side and back of drawers for ventilation as high as I possibly could. These drawers get rotated from second position to third position as the worms grow.

Up next ... Chapter 2 raising pupae into beetles
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" Meal-ie acres is the place for me.
Farm livin' is the life for me.
Worms spreading out so far and wide!
Keep that cornmeal, and give that wheat bran side...."

Chapter 2 Raising Pupae into Beetles

I bought a can of large mealies 500 ct.(not super worms) from a PetSmart who had just received a new shipment. The first thing I do with any mealies is put them in a larger container and feed them apples for their water for at least 12 hours. They eat the wheat bran, and just need a drink. They will usually shed their outer skin. Some may pupate at this time. I set those aside and I chose about 20 more of the biggest mealies.

I had a small tackle box tray with a lid and dropped one into each small sectioned spot. Mine wasn't airtight so I didn't make airholes. I watched the mealies and eventually I got 20 more Pupae. It took about 2 weeks. As they turned into little aliens, I would drop them in to the top drawer along with about 1/2" of wheat bran. I then watched every few days for them to run in to beetles. Then I feed them either apples slices(had to be changed out every few days, or carrots, potatoes sliced. Watch for mold.

Once they turn in to beetles, the egg laying begins. The beetles naturally dig to the bottom of the drawer to lay eggs. The eggs the drop through the screen to the second drawer which has not quite a half inch of wheat bran. After about 3 weeks, start leaving a carrot or potato in the second drawer as well. Change vegs right along with other drawers. It may take awhile to see any mealies. You may need a magnifying glass to see them.
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