HELP! Diet Concerns

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HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/18/20 06:54 PM

I am new to owning sugar gliders but have had experience owning and rehabilitating a wide variety of animals. One was 3 months and one was 5 months. I have had them for about 3 months. I have done a lot of research regarding what diet to feed my girls. If I am honest, the more research I do the more confused and nervous I get!

They are both under a year. The breeder advised me to do a mixture of frozen mixed fruit, frozen mixed veggies, plain applesauce, yogurt, OJ and Glider-Cal all blended together and frozen in cubes which I thaw out. She advised a protein along with it. As well as oats.

I have been doing what we call the purée ever since. I removed the fresh protein and oats and free feed them Glider Complete for the protein and other nutritional value. I also provide a daily mixture of glider approved fresh fruits and veggies with some Glider-Cal mixed in. And occasionally a small amount of dried mealworms - which I think only one of my girls actually eats. Of course I have a variety of snacks: dried fruit, yogis, eucalyptus branches, honey sticks, and crunchy snacks... spoiled! LOL!! My girls are insanely picky and get bored with their food very quickly.

I am I doing this right? Am I checking all the boxes?? Coat looks nice, good fluffy tail, normal looking stool but pretty stinky for such little things. crazy

I sometimes feel like when they first wake up they are a bit groggy and don’t really want to move or when they have been running around they will just stop and like stare and barely move. Not sure if that is normal. Once they fully wake up they are back to their normal hyper selves.
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Re: HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/18/20 08:54 PM

The diet you're using sounds a bit like the TPG diet. It is very popular, but not proven to be nutrionally sound.

It's not a good idea to put fruits and vegetables in the blender. Just chop up in to 1/2 - 1" cubes. When it's blended, they can't spit out the insoluble fiber that can lead to problems in their digestive tract.

I have had mine on BML, but we travel a lot and it's not easy to make and store in a 5thwheel freezer along with the salads.

I now use Critterlove complete (just add water) while traveling and Critterlove plus when we're home. I make up their specific salads too. I find mine do best with Critterlove.

As far as when they sit absolutely still, mine do this too. As long as they are resuming play, it's fine. They sometimes are just taking in their surroundings, or watching the others play.
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Re: HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/19/20 12:12 AM

Thanks for your reply!! When I give them their salad I typically do 2-3 different fruits and 1-3 different veggies. They are so darn picky! I have even tried adding honey to entice them. Nope they will pick out and only eat the low calcium items or not at all. Little buggers!

I am afraid that if I don’t put it in their purée they will not get any vegetables. They eat mostly all of their purée most days of the week typically leaving some thick stuff on the bottom.

I know I am a little weird but I really like the idea of me making their meals by hand, both their salads and the other. I was hoping the glider complete would help with any missing nutritional needs.

I guess I never thought about them not being able to spit much with the purée. Is there something you can suggest that I can make by hand that would be similar but better for them?

We also will be bringing our babies with us camping the majority of the summer.
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Re: HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/19/20 01:49 AM

So here's an article:

"Sugar Glider Won't Eat Vegetables & Fruits? | Critter Love® - Sugar Glider Pets, Food, & More!"

Many glider slaves go through this. Including me...

She has great advise on this matter, and I'll be honest, the truth kinda hurts, but she's right.

If you still have questions, or concerns, please ask.
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Re: HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/19/20 02:07 AM

That was amazing advice!! I have never thought about the changes in the moon and weather. I live in Michigan so we have very diaristic weather changes. I have wondered about their cycles however.

I am going to switch to more veggies less fruit and start a journal. I am going to ask my hubby to stop with the treats. He gets home pretty late and goes straight in to see them and he always gives them each a yogi or two. We will also do tent time at night and the treats flow on the nights we do that. I am also going to research some staples to see which one I feel is best, I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind!

Thank you so much again!!
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Re: HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/19/20 02:15 AM

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Re: HELP! Diet Concerns - 01/19/20 05:11 PM

I agree with the advise Dawn has given you. I also recommend Critterlove diets. I also prefer Happy Glider kibble by Pet Pro. It is the only kibble I will put in their cages.
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