Gliderkids diet? GOHPW?

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Gliderkids diet? GOHPW? - 09/03/20 07:48 AM

So I have had my 2 girls for a little over 4 years and have had them on the same gliderkids diet the entire time. When I got them it was the diet I saw most people mention on another forum that was really active that I followed (that forum doesnt seem to have a lot of activity anymore so I looked for another and found this one).

So basically I was feeding gliderkids low honey diet which now seems to be called GOHPW but it also adds calcium (because the green juice), a jar of chicken baby food and a thing of yogurt mixed in the the GOHPW recipe. I was using Odwella green juice but they no longer sell that around me so I went to look at the gliderkids website for probably the first time in years and its no long a website. The diet is also no longer listed anywhere else so I'm wondering did it just evolve into the GOHPW diet or is it now consider not good to feed?

I thought that adding calcium would be an added bonus since its so hard to get the C:P levels correct but I don't see that listed on the GOHPW diet.

Also at the time everyone was saying how much better it was compared to regular OHPW because it added in extra fruit/veggies. On here I have seen a couple posts about GOHPW where people didn't recommend it because of the C:P levels problem but that was why the WOW calcium was added to the recipe so I am confused why that's not included in GOPHW.

Can anyone please help me out...
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Re: Gliderkids diet? GOHPW? - 09/03/20 11:06 AM

Hi, and welcome to glider central! :welcomegc:

I am not familiar with either diet, but you've peaked my interest, and will do some research and see what I find.

I hope others will know more.

Glad you're here!
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Re: Gliderkids diet? GOHPW? - 09/03/20 09:24 PM

IMO thebest diet out there is Critterlove. I lost gliders years ago when I tried that diet.

Critterlove Plus or Complete fed with the 5 different Salad mixtures is balanced and it is the most tested and widely used diet out there. It is used around the world.

Check it out at
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Re: Gliderkids diet? GOHPW? - 09/04/20 01:00 AM

Wait critterlove is the most popular used diet? I've never seen it recommended before besides on this forum. Ever other information site etc has nothing on critterlove (I just checked a bunch of them after not finding gliderkids listed on any of them anymore). The diet I thought most common was OHPW or maybe BML. When I picked a diet 4 years ago all of the information sites listing diets included gliderkids but I guess its no longer safe maybe that's why its not on any of them. But how is critterlove possiblely the most popular or best diet if its not mentioned on any other site besides this one. Even when I typed in critterlove in google all of the sites that were shown were for the website none of them were for anywhere else.

Can someone please tell me what critterlove is since its not mentioned on any other info sites.

EDITED: Wait I just saw that critterlove is the new name for HPW is this true? So basically its the American version of OHPW or something like that?

Thanks for all the help I had no idea that years after doing all my research I would end up finding out the diet I picked wasn't actually a good one =///

Also the diet I used was as follows

GliderKids Staple #2 Reduced Honey
Ratio 2:1 Calcium 24.06 mg Phos 12.02 mg
Protein 0.72 g Sugar 1.80 g Iron 0.05 mg
Fat 0.25 g Fiber 0.07 g
Each Batch makes about 5 cups = 120 two tsp servings
1 cup Juice (Gerber Yogurt Juice OR *Green Juice)
1/2 cup Honey
1 1/2 cup Water
2 Large Eggs - cooked
1 jar Chicken or Turkey baby food
(2.5 oz size jar - meat with broth or gravy)
6 oz Yogurt - Plain or Low Fat Vanilla
2 TBS Bee Pollen granules
1/2 cup Wombaroo High Protein Supplement
1 tsp NOW brand Calcium Carbonate Powder
(1200 mg / tsp)
*ADD 1/8 tsp if using one of the green juices
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Re: Gliderkids diet? GOHPW? - 09/07/20 12:31 AM

Critterlove Original is OHPW, made with the Wombaroo powder.
Critterlove Plus and Complete the powder is made here in the US.

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