Looking for sugar glider vitamin recipe

Posted By: Jheck11241993

Looking for sugar glider vitamin recipe - 10/26/20 05:06 PM

Looking for advice on a repice to blend my own multivitamins for my sugar glider. I have been using the pet glider multivitamin which is going for about $50 right now. I would be much more cost effective to make up my own but I can find any recipe. The ingredients for the pet glider vitamin is a multivitamin with calcium, bee pollen, nectar, acacia gum, herbs, and probiotics. Does anyone have a suggestion to making the vitamins mix myself or another multivitamin that is similar and cheaper. Thanks for any and all help Bonnie, Chica Foxy and Momo really appreciate it.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Looking for sugar glider vitamin recipe - 10/27/20 07:17 PM

You would need an animal nutritionist to figure that out.

Are you feeding the TPG diet?

I use Critterlove Plus with the recommended salad mixtures, I don't need extra vitamins with that diet. It is also the only diet that I recommend.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Looking for sugar glider vitamin recipe - 10/28/20 06:21 AM

I agree with Feather.

TPG has never shared their recipe for their vitamins. With all the differences in vitamins and their concentrates, I wouldn't recommend to try to guess. If the The pet glider vitamins are too costly, you may consider a different diet (you can click on the blue word and it will bring up a diet database).

I also feed Critterlove and have had great results. BML is also a good and proven diet.
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