NEW Batch of Critter Love Complete Smells Bad

Posted By: Takaia

NEW Batch of Critter Love Complete Smells Bad - 03/20/21 04:03 AM

Did Critter Love change their formula recently? I just ordered another 5 pounds and opened a bag today and it smells a lot different than it has every other time I've fed it. I'm worried that this batch is bad or something, but it could be that they just changed the formula. Does anyone know? Most notably, it no longer smells sweet or of vanilla, so it's possible that they decided to leave out the vanilla flavor but the smell is bad for me. Reminds me of that time when I ordered meal worms over the internet and the entire bucket arrived dead.

I'm posting here because it's Friday night and I'm worried that Critter Love won't get back to my email until Monday, and I'm hoping someone here will see it sooner. I was dumb and I waited until the last minute to make more with the new powder, so I don't have any of my older stuff available. I do have chicken baby food for emergency protein though.

EDIT: I went to email them and their site seems to be down, seems to be a problem with whatever hosting they're using because it says something like .NET core isn't starting frown if anyone knows the proper email address to send the question to, that would also be helpful info, though if their email server is the same as whatever they're using to host their site, it might not work anyway
Posted By: Feather

Re: NEW Batch of Critter Love Complete Smells Bad - 03/20/21 05:29 AM

I have messaged Peggy to come here an address your question. Please check back tomorrow.
Posted By: Takaia

Re: NEW Batch of Critter Love Complete Smells Bad - 03/20/21 05:44 AM

Thanks so much Feather! I did email them with the old email addresses I have in my email history, but I really appreciate you doing that for me as well, as I'm not sure it'll get through at the moment, and whether that email is correct.

I felt really bad shorting them protein, but I was too scared to feed the weird smelling stuff, so I made them some hard-boiled eggs to go with their salad, like I did 10 years ago when I fed suncoast diet, so they could at least have something tonight. I figured the lack of vitamins and stuff would be okay for one night and then they wouldn't fight each other because of food scarcity.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: NEW Batch of Critter Love Complete Smells Bad - 03/20/21 12:42 PM

I have emailed her back this morning. She sent the email after I was closed.
We close at 4pm and after that, here it is family time. We do not answer phone or emails once our office is closed
as our family time is important to us.

Everything is normal. Actually, the food smells differently with the seasons.
Not only the smell, but normally the coloring is a bit darker or lighter as well.
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