Something to help with odor

Posted By: GliderParent

Something to help with odor - 08/17/21 04:27 PM

Hey guys so I thought I would share this it has worked my my gliders, now glider but they are odor treats....they are at petco in the ferret section they are called Goodbye Odor and they are like little meat pieces that Smokey and Bella, loved but now again just Smokey! But I just wanted to share that with others!

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Posted By: KarenE

Re: Something to help with odor - 08/17/21 06:16 PM

Doing a search to find out more about this product, it seems the company Marshall makes products for ferrets pretty much exclusively as far as I can find. What I could not find is an ingredients list, especially on this product. That would tell us what is in it and whether or not long term feeding might not be a good idea for gliders.

I personally have not heard of this product and hope that someone else might have more information for you.
Posted By: GliderParent

Re: Something to help with odor - 08/17/21 06:42 PM

I have already looked up the ingredient list and here it is!

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