Awesome cage idea or no?

Posted By: brian

Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/02/14 09:44 PM

So I was sitting here thinking on how to make a cage. Well I can't build stuff worth a crap and then it hit me....what about using a portable closet as the frame adding the mesh and using the closet cover as a cage cover!? Lol. The bars are steal thoigh. If that isn't safe I'm sure I could find a pvc one? Here is a link to one. Ofcourse I would have to add some doors and a drop pan. portable closet
Posted By: Hamlet

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/02/14 10:05 PM

I envision cleaning and odor to be a problem.
How will you keep the fabric from stinking? It will most likely trap all the odor.
What about ventilation?
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/03/14 12:10 AM

Not sure that would be safe. dunno

Your idea though is very similar to my Glide-ariums™, PVC frame and mesh sides.
Posted By: brian

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/03/14 04:54 AM

Well they have some that are well ventilated. And it wouldn't be around the whole thing one side would be open. I was thinking of using the mesh people use on the pvc cages. Everything the same just the frame already made. Wasn't sure on the steal frame though. Would it be safe?
Posted By: brian

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/03/14 05:00 AM

Also I would just use it as a cage cover. Like others do to add privacy and stop mess from getting on the walls lol.
Posted By: Hamlet

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/03/14 05:35 AM

Oh I get what your saying now, I was thinking of the pop up closets that are rather sealed. Rubbermaid makes the one I'm thinking of I believe. wink
My concern would be the safety of the frame, and the security of the mesh and how it would be attached.
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/03/14 01:27 PM

I believe it could be made into a secure cage with the plastic garden mesh.

My concern would be that the metal posts may quickly begin to rust at the joints after being exposed to glider pee. It may be possible to coat all the joints and edges of the metal parts with clear nail polish to extend the life of the frame and prevent glider pee from seeping into the joints - the parts most likely slip together rather than being bolted together.

You might also need to find some plastic pipe joints and pieces that fit the pipes to add additional cross pieces for stability and to construct a door that can be secured.

I prefer well constructed metal cages because I do not like the appearance of the mesh and all the rough edges of the zip ties - but that is just my personal bias.
Posted By: brian

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/03/14 01:56 PM

I love the metal cages already made. That is what I own now. But I just want a HUGE cage and some of those closets are pretty large.
Posted By: Bpkmom

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/04/14 01:36 AM

I saw a cage on Pinterest made out of the closet racks from lowes or home depot. It looked great and seemed like it would be fairly easy to do. Check it out.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Awesome cage idea or no? - 10/04/14 11:32 AM

Most of those portable closets have stainless steel frames of plastic frames, so yes, that would be safe to use.

Its actually a good idea and would take a lot of time to put the mesh on it, but I can see it working just fine for you if you try it out.

Dont forget to post pictures if you do it!
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