What is a good cage size?

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What is a good cage size? - 11/02/14 04:30 PM

I very recently purchased a new cage for my girl. I was so happy with it because it is much bigger than her old one. It is a ferret cage 3ft tall, 32 inches wide, and 21 inches deep. Its a little bigger than my oven in usable space. It has legs so it doesn't sit directly on the floor.

I'm now seeing these monster cages that some of you have for your sugar babies. It will be awhile until I'm able to replace the one she's got. I also have horizontal bars instead of the vertical ones I'm seeing on a lot of your cages. Will what I have work for awhile? Its only 1 glider for now but, I am searching desperately for another.
Posted By: darkmornings

Re: What is a good cage size? - 11/02/14 04:59 PM

this is her cage
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Re: What is a good cage size? - 11/02/14 06:58 PM

That is a good size cage for two to three gliders.

I use HQ cages, here is a link to what I am using: HQ flight cage

Here are the measurements: 32" L X 21" W X 60" H, it has half inch bar spacing
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