How do your gliders play?

Posted By: darkmornings

How do your gliders play? - 11/13/14 11:04 AM

My big boy just sleeps in his toy bin. Sometimes he takes his toys to his pouch and sleeps with them but there doesnt seem to be any playing going on. He doesnt go near his dangling toy at all.

My little girl wont run on her wheel or play on the swing. She does go in her toy bin. She doesnt really play with any of her things, she just puts them on her head. Its definitely cute but doesnt look very fun.

Any toy suggestions or advice? How exactly do they play?
Posted By: Srlb

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/13/14 12:36 PM

How old are your gliders? How large is their cage?
What kind of accessories do you have in their cages?
How 'full' of toys is the cage?

I only have two hanging toys and two floor toys in my cages (and wheels of course) and my gliders are constantly doing something.

I definitely have some gliders that do not run in their wheels (I can tell them by their nails being long) and I have some that is all they do, they run in their wheels and dont mess with the other toys.

But they are all still active, maybe not in the same way as each other though.
Posted By: darkmornings

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/13/14 12:55 PM

The boys cage is tiny 18x18x 24 tall. He is suppose to be 2 years old. He has Pocket pets starter cage. He has a toy bin with pom poms, rings, porcupine balls, chopped straws, bracelets and some jungle animals. He has a hanging swing toy and a hammock with a few beads on the corners. Hes in quarentine for about 3 more weeks.

The girls cage is 32x21x36 tall. She is about 1 year old.I will hopefully be able to put both gliders in it. There is a wheel, a toy bin just like the boys, also the same swing, her hammock has fleece curls but she ignores that too. She also has a fleece fringe vine, i dont know if that counts as a toy but, I'll probably add links and beads and see if that makes it more fun.
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/13/14 04:04 PM

Where's a bit of what I've learned... Gliders are like children; they're easily entertained. What may not necessarily look very fun to us may be what all the gliders are chattering about! Kids get excited about a sticky piece of paper with a picture on it(stickers). Gliders have tons of fun with milk rings, plastic bracelets, and pompoms. Just running and jumping is fun for them!

The best thing you can do is find new toys for them and offer different things. My bf was confused when I told him I need to change up the cage now and then. He didn't know gliders can get bored with the same old stuff.

Make it new and fresh, if you can't get more toys ATM just rearrange them! smile Hope this helps!
Posted By: Terry

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/13/14 05:57 PM

My girls were around a year old when I homed them and had a wheel and a few cat/bird ball toys in their cage. They really didn't play and their wheel was really chewed up so much it was at risk of falling apart (the gasket was severely chewed and almost completely pulled out). Ollie was around 4 years old, but had a ton of toys, he seems to prefer forage toys and man caves (hiding areas/toys s/a Arc, treehouse and a hanging frog he brought with him.

I've placed ball pits/toy bins, many foraging toys and some reset toys, most of which I made myself, a few purchased. Floor toys s/a tree house and an arc (had other house, barn and castle used for out of cage play). Also I started with adding braided vines and bracelets. They have dozens of toys and I interchange them, move them around, and use them differently where I can.

I try to have play areas (platform areas) throughout the cage on all levels. The play areas have consisted of a solid surface tray on floor to a fake branch either laying or standing on the floor, a shelf and/or natural branch from mid-to-upper area of the cage, and/or corner hammock placed here or there, a hanging basket/bin on occasions are placed in there as well as at times a square hammock hanging from the roof. These are areas where they can take food or toys (usually located in or near the area) to and enjoy. I usually keep two wheels in there now, especially since I now have a trio and they are on different levels as well. I keep a fleece bridge under the cage mount wheel to prevent poo and pee from falling below to other toys and accessories, they seem to enjoy using this bridge as a landing spot.

At first my girls didn't really seem to play, other than using the wheel. But as time went on and I tried having different things available I've noticed that they must have learned to play. I feel they mostly are looking for food shakehead

These are some observations I've had over time:

They still love their wheels!

They examine everything, especially forage toys.

When ball/toy bins are placed higher in cage, I've noticed they like to toss them (contents) onto the floor, I now will usually leave the pom poms in those, but occasionally use the ping pong balls or fleece strips and/or straws (things that are not heavy and make less noise, lol). When placed on floor, they're less likely to toss things out, but it happens time to time. They sometimes will pull things out of reset toys, but they don't go crazy over it. They chew on plastics, leave the wheels alone now.

On rare occasions, I will find a bracelet, and once two bracelets in their pouch. They are very picky about bracelets as the only type I'll find in their pouch are the thin, softer plastic ones that have a texture to them.

Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/13/14 07:25 PM

My gliders do get bored when the toys remain the same for a long time. I try to rotate toys in and out of the cage. They treat things they have not seen in a while as "new".

I have 3 colonies and on cage cleaning day I actually rotate the cages. This gives each colony an entirely new cage set up - wheels in different locations, different hanging toys, different shelf locations (I use small corner shelves) and a different configuration of their ferret tunnels.

They are the most active on the nights they wake up in a whole new arrangement.
Posted By: Kennedy

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/14/14 02:13 AM

It seems like you are looking for ideas for the inside of your cage. I have trouble with my girls too. One thing I do but its during play time outside the cage.... I blow tiny little bubbles ( the smallest ones. Normal bubbles are bigger then their heads..haha) The girls go crazy for them. Its like they are in the wild watching and hunting bugs. They will run all over for them. The bubbles tend to pop before they get to them. The girls always look back at me like they dont understand where they went. Its so cute and funny. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Posted By: Beki516

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/16/14 08:05 PM

I had considered blowing bubbles, but I wasn't sure the bubble formula would be safe. Kennedy, do your gliders ever bite the bubbles?
Posted By: Kennedy

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/18/14 01:46 AM

The bubbles usually pop before they can get to them. Sometimes they do reach out with their hands and then they pop or they pounce on them when they land on the floor. I have noticed that when the bubbles pop close to their faces, they just shake their heads once and then their are off to the next bubble. I don't 100% know about the formula either but its pretty much soap and water. I clean their cage with soap and water or vinegar, so I thought It shouldn't be worse then that.
Posted By: Terry

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/18/14 04:19 PM

I have to laugh when I read this, although I'm not one to take chances with things I can't be sure will be safe.

It reminds me though of playing with our dog in the snow, we would throw a snowball, she would chase it, but it would disappear in the snow on the ground where it landed and she'd look at us like "what?".
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: How do your gliders play? - 11/18/14 05:06 PM

The do sell pet safe bubbles in pet stores. I know I have seen them for cats (might be catnip scented though) and I THINK I have seen them for dogs.

As long as the bubble solution is not toxic, the very small amount a glider might come in contact with from a popped bubble should not be a problem even with children's bubble solution.

The amount of soap in the solution is very minimal. I used to make my own bubble solution for my 5 boys and used about 2 TBS dawn dish soap per GALLON of water.

We had GIANT bubble makers and would play until the whole driveway was soapy - then I let them play with brooms to make bubble "snow" before rinsing the driveway AND THE BOYS with the hose! Lots of fun, clean driveway and clean kids all in one afternoon.
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