Cage instructions

Posted By: suggiegirl91

Cage instructions - 11/25/14 02:52 PM

I recently ordered the Peak Roof Sugar Glider Cage from Exotics Nutrition. The cage came and it seems to have all the parts...but it didn't come with any instructions. I did e-mail them but they haven't responded yet. Has anyone gotten this cage or have this cage that could send me copies of the instructions? I looked online and there are no videos or paper instructions that I see.

The reviews say the cage instructions were a little difficult to understand, but the cage was great. But mine didn't come with any instructions. If not, i'm sure I can fiddle around and put the pieces together, but I'd like to make sure.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Cage instructions - 11/25/14 04:26 PM

I am sorry I can't help you. I would continue to try to contact them.

I googled it and couldn't find instructions.
Posted By: suggiegirl91

Re: Cage instructions - 11/25/14 05:31 PM

Okay they contacted me and i got them. I guess i posted a bit early haha. Thank you for looking. I looked all over and couldn't find them
Posted By: Feather

Re: Cage instructions - 11/25/14 08:07 PM

You are welcome. I am glad they got back to you with the instructions.
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