Thinking of this cage for near future

Posted By: Terry

Thinking of this cage for near future - 02/17/15 06:22 PM

Lrg. X 3-Level Wrought Iron

First of all, I do really like my Tall Sturdy cage, and it's not even a year old yet. I however find it intrusive in my new small space. I would like to keep it in storage but downgrade slightly to the size the cage above due to several reasons:

1)As stated, the size is intrusive in my small space. I have to keep it by the door, it's the only place I can fit it and be able to pull out drop pan to clean daily. However it sticks out close to the door and as I pass I sometimes slightly bump it with my elbow, between that and the sudden motion this has startled my babies. They may grow accustom to it and most of the time this setup seems to work for the most part.

2)I've found this cage harder to clean thoroughly the same as I did the Madagascar cage. I can manage reaching in and getting to the farthermost corners, but it's very uncomfortable and awkward, I feel I'm not getting it wiped down as well as other areas of the cage except when doing the "full" cleaning every few months.

3) The cage in above link is slightly smaller, it's not as deep so it would not stick out into the room as much and not startle my babies at times. And, I should be able to reach the back corners easily as it is less wide by a bit as well as not as deep. I know this will give them a slightly smaller space, but still I feel more than minimum for a trio.

I will not be able to purchase this cage until after I gain employment, which hopefully will be very soon. So I have time to really consider opinions on this change.

So please, everyone, tell me what you think, is it a bad idea to downsize slightly for reasons stated?

What is your opinions of this particular cage?

Any experience or knowledge is greatly appreciated.
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Thinking of this cage for near future - 02/17/15 10:14 PM

Your gliders will probably be fine in a slightly smaller cage but I am not sure a couple of inches smaller will keep you from bumping into the cage.

I expect, with a little practice in maneuvering around the current cage you will bump into it less frequently because you are conscious of it being there.

For cleaning the cage - you might try a pair of kitchen tongs to hold the rag or sponge you are using to scrub the cage. It will extend your reach several more inches.

Seems like another cage is an expense you might want to avoid.

I have had cages that were this slightly smaller size that turned out to have thinner bars that rattled when the gliders ran in their wheels. The cage pan did not fit well and my gliders managed to toss waste and food scraps everywhere because of the gap between the cage pan and the bottom grate.

Thinner wire is also more flexible and the cage I had developed cracks in the painted surface very quickly and the cage was rusty in less than a year.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Thinking of this cage for near future - 02/18/15 12:19 AM

Thank you Candy. I was hoping for some input on the cage, it looks safe by description and what you can see on the photo, however you can't really tell how sturdy it is. I appreciate you sharing your experience with this type cage.

Since it would have been a while since I could purchase the cage anyway, and my sister thinking I shouldn't downsize them. I repositioned the cage a bit, which puts it a little farther from the door, so should help with the bumping/or brushing into it.

Your suggestion on using tongs made me think of those sponges on wands or even using a toilet brush, that someone else had mentioned using. Thank you so much Candy.
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