Show me your cages!

Posted By: Kage

Show me your cages! - 02/22/15 09:44 AM

I'd like to see pictures of your cages if you don't mind. Its been awhile since I have been here. I almost for about this place! *is ashamed* I'd like to get some ideas on how you guys decorated your babies cages for I can get some ideas on how to change mine a bit.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Show me your cages! - 02/22/15 03:56 PM

I'll post photo later, when I go on my computer. I'm Always changing the cage. It's usually a little different week to week, sometimes even throughout the week, I'll move something or add something. Every two to three weeks I make more changes, sometimes more drastic, especially when I do the steam cleaning. I just did this last Thursday. I also added new toys I made, I'm working on a toy system I can add on to and reconfigure. I just made another component last night and will most likely incorporate it into their cage end of the week, if it'll work out.

Hey perhaps you could post one of yours grin
Posted By: Terry

Re: Show me your cages! - 02/23/15 12:14 AM

As I said I would post, here are photos of my latest cage arrangement. I do not have an over-all pic so I'm posting "four corner" pics.

Upper left corner (facing): Includes three feeding stations, 2 f/v combos and 1 CL Plus is in a silo (sometimes I serve in a bird-style feed cup). I also have the special Valentine pouch I made them in the corner as a spare pouch. I usually try to have another variety of sleep/nap options, such as a square hammock or a cozy hide. I have already moved the "Monkey in a Barrel" toy to the right upper corner, but you won't see it in that photo, as all of these were taken the day of initial change.

Upper right corner (facing): Includes the new mesh cabanas I just made and a mesh bridge and tunnel I've made a year ago or longer. The ball/straw toy is now hanging on the other side (left), the "Monkey in a Barrel" toy is hanging in it's spot. In the front is their fringy pouch, that usually hangs there and above is their water in the water silo, which you can't see in this pic, lol.

This is how the upper level looks now, but it's going to change again soon, lol, actually I've added spiders to the mesh toys already.

Lower right corner (facing): You can see the travel size wheel on the cage mount (had the full size there for a while, so switched them. The tree house which is the floor toy I swap between that and a Noah's arc, every few weeks or so. Under the corner hammock, is the third f/v combo bowl, but can't be seen in this photo.

And finally the lower left corner (facing): The full size wheel in the back, sometimes I place the wheel on the floor stand along the back wall or a side wall. The large, fake branch is in vertical in front, this will also be moved around and/or used horizontally. When vertical I can place those cups in the two holes on the top. I usually place their pellets in there every few evenings. Otherwise they are scattered about in various forage toys. Hanging under the lowest feeding hammock is a toy bin.

So that completes the current (this weeks)cage setup. tour.
Posted By: Kage

Re: Show me your cages! - 02/25/15 11:18 PM

Thank you very much! That cage looks very fun. I think its awesome. It totally will help me. :D
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