ash tree

Posted By: josefine

ash tree - 03/13/15 11:53 PM

I know we are to bake the wood, but I forgot for how long, & is it on 200?
Posted By: josefine

Re: ash tree - 03/15/15 12:07 AM

I baked the wood @ 200 for an hour, then continued for half an hour on 300. I do hope this killed anything living inside the wood.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: ash tree - 03/15/15 03:23 PM

Hey Josefine,
Sorry your post went unanswered, however, I'm sure you killed whatever may have survived the cold where you are rofl

The main concern for most of us is pesticides. Second would be any creepy crawlers we might bring into our homes. I doubt those would be an issue now wink
Posted By: josefine

Re: ash tree - 03/16/15 03:42 AM

As long as I did it good enough, that's all I care about. I was so excited to get these tree trunks I forgot all about the rules.
I tried to find it under the search, but couldn't find it.
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