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wheels? - 03/20/15 03:23 AM

a lot of people suggest woodent wheels I only like this because I have been told you can put sandpaper in it to trim their nails down which mine need badly! but I do not like the little spout thing that pokes out that their tails could get wrapped around I saw a wheel on youtube that wasn't enclosed and did not have that little stick that pokes out of it I just don't know if you can put sandpaper in it or what it was called-_- what type of wheel do you have for your gliders?
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 03:32 AM

Wodent wheels were designed for rodents, not for sugar gliders. It is better to use a safe wheel such as a Stealth or Raptor wheel. Both of these have no axle that extends into the running part of the wheel. This provides nothing that their tails or flying membranes can catch on. Also, the open inside of the wheel provides sugar gliders the option of leaping within the wheel which they like to do.

I have a Wodent Wheel and have order a Stealth Wheel to replace it. My current wheel has a "glider shield" that makes it harder for them to get caught up and hurt by the axle though I have not determined if the shield eliminates the problem or just reduces it. It does not give them room to leap around.

Another thread has posted pictures of a sugar glider that was killed in a Wodent Wheel. You can read that thead and see the graphic photos at

I wished I knew what I know now before wasting money on a Wodent Wheel.
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 03:33 AM

Both Stealth Wheels and Raptor Wheels have nail trimming attachments that can be added.
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 05:26 AM

Thanks for the info! I am still having a tough time debating on one there are reviews of both the raptor and stealth wheel but a lot of people had negative things to say about the stealth wheel it being to low to the ground when on the stand and reports of sugar gliders hitting their head and small spaces their tail could get caught on and if attached to the cage it will brake the wires im leaning toward the raptor wheel and thinking of ways to attach it to the cage I will be building so that it doesn't break the wires and get it close as possible to the wall so their isint a lot of room for them to climb behind it or get their tail caught
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 08:51 AM

I have the velociraptor wheel only difference is the wheel bearings are sealed and can be powerwashed.
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 02:17 PM

All my wheels, two regular and a travel size are from SpinZone and yes, they also have trim set attachments, but I've found that no matter which you use, nails will still need to be clipped.
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 03:04 PM

Maybe its the quality of the cage, my stealth hangs from the bars and doesnt seem to have any effect on then at all. Its spaced far from the bars so the gliders are able to go behind it, far enough that it seems to have been built that way on purpose.
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 05:01 PM

Thanks for the info everyone I just want to make sure I get the safest one possible lol
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 05:05 PM

I have a Raptor and I love it! You know... Some makers will make the stand to fit your cage. Anyways, I like the Raptor wheel.
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Re: wheels? - 03/20/15 08:33 PM

Good spacing behind the wheel is safer. Dot has a tendency to go potty back there. I think she's bashful. But I have found her there while Fiona was jumping in the wheel.
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Re: wheels? - 03/21/15 06:35 AM

thanks everyone for the comments defiantly helped me rule wodent wheel out lol I would hope the breeder I got my recent glider from take them out of her business with the danger it could cause
she kept telling me I need a wheel which I was aware of and planned on getting I wasn't supposed to take her home for another 3 to 4 weeks then the second time I went to visit with her and my new glider she asks if we can take her home that day I think she was a little peeved that we were running late I had told her 6 630 because we are an hour hour and half away depending on traffic we were there no later then 6:45
but she only had wodent wheels and saucer looking thing but she said those are no good for gliders her husband put them in their he's enthusiastic about the business
I was also forced to buy a pouch for $20 from her because she told me she would like me to take her today as we are more than halfway there when I had one at home -_-
Also had to stop at 3 different pet stores to pick up a cage on the way home because she decided to let us take her home weeks early sorry I went on a bit of an un related rant but that really ticked me off lol
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