Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed?

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 12:04 AM

Warmer weather is approaching and it's made me think on cooler bedding to offer my fuzzbutts.

Since I've only had them since September, (and then a single) I was wondering what you guys provide when it's hot outside. My concern is if the temps change inside due to any type of failure, and the AC doesn't work. I'm not talking long term, but an option that when they get too warm, they can go to.

I would always keep a normal fleece pouch, I offer them 3 choices at the moment.

Where do your babies go when it's just too darn hot?
Posted By: Onyxwulf

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 12:35 AM

Would love to know too!
Posted By: darkmornings

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 01:16 AM

My house is always between 72-74 degrees. I dont think its a significant temp change. If *knocks on wood* we ever have a aystem failure, i think the gliders would just go sleep in the hammocks.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 02:10 AM

Some vendors make a lighter weight pouches using maybe flannel or cotton on the outside and the fleece interior. You could just shop around and see what you can find. I've actually had gotten a few pouches that have the cotton on the outside from KrysKritters, she may still make them. I've used them mostly for travel and vacations, when temps aren't the normal ranges. Also, these were purchased when I only had the two girls, being they're not as roomy for three, so the lighter weight is helpful for those occasions as well.

I also usually offer at least two or three other sleeping options, so they can choose by preference.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 04:35 AM

Thanks Terry! I have been looking around and haven't seen anyone list cooler pouches yet. I've been on Etsy so far. I'll keep looking and list them if I find them.

I am a duplicator, I sew, so I just need ideas. I have purchased pouches on Etsy when it was worth buying over trying to take the time to make.

I do have a cotton outer pouch I made Fiona way back in September, but she and Dot have grown so much I can't get my hand in there with them anymore for share/bond time. I guess I'll just make a bigger one. Maybe box the bottom.

I did finally make a double carry pouch. It turned out the size of my purse! But I love it! Will post pics as soon as I shrink my pic a bit more.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 06:29 AM

This is my carrier pouch. The girls have already taken a nap in it!

Attached picture Carrier pic 01.jpg
Posted By: Terry

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 03:02 PM

Dawn, that carrier is awesome! A very nice, unique but simple design.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 05:37 PM

Thanks Terry, I was surprised it turned out so well.

I was fiddling around with some fleece yesturday and made a no sew house. By the time I got done with it it looked like a purple dust mop! But the girls took right to it and are sleeping in it now. Will try to get a pic. Not real pretty, but gliders don't care as long as they can sleep in it!
Posted By: Terry

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 05:46 PM

:rofl2: :funny:

I'm glad they're not so particular when it comes to furnishings, lol. I just recently sewed (just learning) some cage accessories, and the pouches were, well not perfect. I was afraid they'd laugh them right out of the cage, but they chose to sleep in the the ones I made. I even offered it as a secondary choice to their favored fringy pouches, and they chose the new ones each time. Well, they did end up alternating throughout the week, and sometimes I think it confused them a bit. Occasionally one would be in one of the pouches and two in the other. Since I usually offer two to three different styles of nests instead of two pouches. They all usually spend the day sleeping in the pouch together. I think what happens is one goes to the pouch earlier than the others, and then the other two will go to a different pouch. I've noticed on these occasions, that a little latter, the loner ends up going into the pouch with the other two.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 06:04 PM

I just took this pic, Dot apparently is sleeping light right now. She stuck her head out to see what I wanted, and before I stepped away just closed her eyes and is now sleeping with her head laying on the opening. I don't have the heart to flash her again, but it's soooo cute!

I was looking for something that had a hard bottom, so while they sleep, if they get warm, they can wiggle apart, and not have to touch the sides so much or each other for that matter. It's still small so it might help them feel secure, and the color makes it semi dark.

I used a 4" x 4" piece of 1/2" plastic mesh on the bottom and stuffed it with fleece. Like what you Terry made your tunnels out of.

I can't explain, maybe I'll try to do a tutorial or something. I have to make another one for their cage at home. It was easy.

Attached picture Purple dust mop.jpg
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 06:13 PM

Yeah Terry, babies don't care what it looks like! Lol!

A nesting box... I have always offered pouches, never thought of a nesting type box. I suppose that's what the purple dust mop is...

Hummmm.... New thoughts.... Thinking... Thinking... Ok, great idea! I'm gonna google it, etsy, ebay, and pintrest it, see what others have done...

I woke up last night with a style idea... I could intigrate to two.... Hummmm... Searching... Thinking...
Posted By: Terry

Re: Summer Pouches? Cooler Bed? - 04/03/15 08:35 PM

I made a box from that same mesh, I have an opening at the top and one on one side. I've been stuffing fleece inside so if they wanted to use for a "nesting box" they could. I could also turn it, so both doors would be on the sides, with a deeper lip, and use for a play bin, of coarse I would still need to line the bottom with fleece.

That photo is really cute!
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