Outside cages

Posted By: Rebecca

Outside cages - 06/18/15 09:45 PM

What is the stance on outside cages for gliders? Clearly in the winter you want them inside, but what about during the summer?
Posted By: zanderfever

Re: Outside cages - 06/18/15 10:56 PM

I would just worry too much about an ambitious predator or them getting out.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Outside cages - 06/18/15 11:03 PM

I've personally never been comfortable with the idea of pets living outdoors, even in enclosures, though I'm sure some people do and may feel comfortable with it.
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Outside cages - 06/19/15 02:59 PM

Here in Texas it is going to get WAAAAAAAAAAY too hot for gliders to live outdoors. We usually need special pouches to take them outside the house because of the heat. They are from "Tropical" forests, but the average temperature of those forests is actually between 23C-33C, that's 70F-90F and that's not "Hot" like we know hot.

Source, bottom of the page:

Dallas is easily around 115F on an average summer day in the heat of the day.... That's too hot for most humans for extended periods of time so I would NOT suggest having them in an outside cage year round.

Right now when the temperatures are fairly cool still and not too cold at night it might be cool to give them a "camping" like experience... But I would make sure there was NO possible way for them to get out and have a critter fence around the cage to keep predators away. At that point it's probably more trouble and worry than it's worth though, that's my opinion on the matter though.
Posted By: Kesha

Re: Outside cages - 08/26/15 02:23 AM

Does anyone know if indoor/outdoor carpet is safe for sugar gliders?
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Outside cages - 08/26/15 03:18 AM

It would depend on the material.

If it is the plastic fake grass it is probably safe - but would be awful to try to keep clean as it would hold bits of food scraps and glider pee and poop would get stuck between the 'blades' and in the backing.

The fabric or woven type would most likely not be glider safe because the glider's nails could become snagged in the material causing an injury if the glider cannot free itself.
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