***Congo or Madagascar/Any Climbing Issues?

Posted By: orangecrush

***Congo or Madagascar/Any Climbing Issues? - 08/11/15 12:56 PM

Do gliders have trouble climbing on the Congo or Madagascar cage?

Also, we only have TWO gliders, and have no intention of getting more. They are 1 1/2 years old. IS that TOO MUCH cage for them?

Thanks for experienced advise.
Posted By: Philwojo

Re: ***Congo or Madagascar/Any Climbing Issues? - 08/11/15 01:34 PM

We got our 2 re-homes and they person we got them from gave us all the stuff she had to go with them, including their cage, which is a Madagascar cage. We got them and they were both between 2 1/2 - 3 years old back in April. They have no problems getting around the cage, inside or out for that matter! They are on the petite side, both are about 80g, but the cage seems plenty big for them or even more gliders if we wanted to be honest.

We have 3 sleeping pouches in ours and 2 hammocks stacked on each other for them, along with some toys and the food bowls and water. I keep in the 2 shelves on ours, as that is how it was when we got it. They seem to be just fine with our setup, no issues. We have a wheel on the bottom of the cage as well.

I don't think you will have any issues with either of those cages, but I am not by any means an expert.

Posted By: KarenE

Re: ***Congo or Madagascar/Any Climbing Issues? - 08/11/15 01:35 PM

Both cages sold by EN are very nice size cages, and gliders have no problem whatsoever navigating in either one.

As far as cage size, the bigger the better. You are only limited by what you can afford or fit in your home :yes: (oh yes, and clean) :roflmao:
Posted By: Feather

Re: ***Congo or Madagascar/Any Climbing Issues? - 08/11/15 06:48 PM

My gliders have no problems climbing the bars.
Posted By: Terry

Re: ***Congo or Madagascar/Any Climbing Issues? - 08/11/15 08:58 PM

I've personally had the Madagascar cage, I originally got it for my pair when the cage they came with when I homed them was showing a bit of rust, and I wanted a upgrade anyway. I would have gone for the Congo at the time if I had space for it. I was very pleased with the Madagascar cage and so were my girls, they're pretty fluffy, lol. I ended up homing a single guy, and he joined them in the cage, but it's fine for just two.

I did have to leave the Madagascar cage behind when I made my first move across country. My boy came with a home-made screen enclosure that was a decent size, being much lighter and more compact the plan was to use for temporary home until I found work and could purchase a new cage. In less than two months after the move, I was able to purchase the Large Sturdy cage, which is relatively the same as the Congo and also HQ, only it has six slider windows on the front and came with no shelves. I like having a shelf or two in a cage, especially a large one because I like to make use of the entire cage and I feel a shelf or two helps with that, being that I have a second or third level to hang stuff from as well as set stuff on for activity and feeding stations. I was able to purchase the shelves for the Congo sold by EN and they work great. I am also very happy with this cage, but sometimes the doors bother me, especially at cleaning day. They come with zip ties to hold them shut, but I ended up switching them out for reusable zip ties, so I can remove them and get the space between the doors really well. I am hoping to find ways to make the sliders more accommodating, or useful. Eventually I hope to make mesh add-ons that can attach outside the sliding window to give them some exploration options, but where I have to keep my cage now it wouldn't be good.
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