Enrichment toys

Posted By: FurMom

Enrichment toys - 11/01/15 07:19 PM

Does anyone know of a list of actual ideas for enrichment toy ideas that I can put together for my glider? He has toys, but nothing with parts that he can take apart that I would reset. What kind of toys are those?

He has a hanging toy with a wiffle ball, so I cut 2" x 1/2" pieces of fleece and stuck them inside, putting 3 mealworms in three of the pieces. Well, he loved it, but it didn't keep him busy very long. Last night, I think he was very bored. He pulled part of his cage cover into the cage.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Enrichment toys - 11/01/15 10:47 PM

Any thing with bracelets, the plastic bangle ones. Some gliders will take them down or out of a toy box in the cage and tail carry them back to their sleeping pouch.

Large wiffle ball, put strips of fleece through the holes for them to pull out and drag around.

Those are some ideas for you.
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Enrichment toys - 11/01/15 11:52 PM

I'm not sure which plastic bracelets these would be. Where do you buy them?
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Enrichment toys - 11/01/15 11:54 PM

Monkeys from the barrel of monkeys game (or the Dollar store equivalent which comes in monkeys, elephants, dinosaurs and bunnies) are glider favorites. They can be hung from the cage bars or even just put on top of the cage for your glider to pull into the cage.

Baby link rings can be used for a large chain across the cage and the monkeys can be hung from those as well.

Plastic army men are another glider favorite.
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Enrichment toys - 11/02/15 12:28 AM

I'll be making a stop at the dollar store soon!! :D
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Enrichment toys - 11/02/15 01:00 AM

You can get bracelets and just about everything else at Dollar Tree.

Seasonal items are terrific :yes:
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Enrichment toys - 11/02/15 03:43 AM

I love Dollar Tree! :hdance:
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