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CAGE HELP! - 12/15/15 08:38 AM

We are rescuing 2 female gliders that are coming home with us tomorrow. We will be upgrading them to a larger cage but in the mean time they have been being kept in a small cage (supplied by pocket pets I assume?) We have another cage just like it, I was wondering would it be possible to take the bottom off one and the top off the other and stack them and zip tie them together to give them a little more space for the time being?
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Re: CAGE HELP! - 12/15/15 01:04 PM

I would think if you have no sharp spots on the zip ties or escape spots you should be fine. we use zip ties for green netting, I trimmed smooth and it works fine.
Those pocket pet cages are held together with metal clamps, so expanding with zip ties sounds fine to me.
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Re: CAGE HELP! - 12/15/15 01:46 PM

You could also pick up a set of pliers and clamps. Tractor supply and probably both home depot and lowes should have them. They are super easy to use.
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Re: CAGE HELP! - 12/15/15 08:15 PM

I have put cages together like that before. If you also removed the ramps and shelves it gives you even more room. Gliders really don't need the ramps.

I got the rings and the special pliers for them from a local place that sells stuff for making rabbit cages. I got the stainless steel rings.
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Re: CAGE HELP! - 12/23/15 07:01 AM

awesome, thanks!
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