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Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 08:55 PM

I am doing very well with the bonding, nurturing, and diet but i am a complete dodo when it comes to the enrichment/toys/creative area of care. I stay away from Pinterest and am deadly with any DIY project. Yes even with fleece and cable ties. I am mom to 1 male glider, I am his second owner, and a second one being shipped next week. These critters are like Lays Potato Chips..You can't have just one. I am learning a lot from this site and others including my veterinary resources. I have never treated a glider before. All the toys mentioned are ones that i have been conditioned to avoid for most small animals so it is impossible for me to walk into Dollar Tree and see things thru a glider's eyes..tried this at lunch. I am awaiting a delivery treat toys but would appreciate any favorite shopping websites. Also opinion of Martin's Cages..I loved these cages when i had rats and i bought 1 when i got my male , Po. Just bought another larger one, 48in high, to connect to the smaller one. Plenty of room for 2 gliders and i like the multiple horizontal wires..easier to climb...well i do go on. Thanks for the advice. I will keep reading.
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 09:07 PM


I'm not sure which cage you have but in looking at the website all I found for options on the cages I looked at were galvanized. I am not certain, but thought we were supposed to stay away from galvanized (I can't remember details). Gliders will sometimes rub their cloactia on the cage while marking or potty/ poop.

Can you tell me which cage you have?
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 09:13 PM

Powder coated, when you choose cages for sugar gliders you do not have a option but for the powder coated. So i have a 18 x 30 x 36 and a 30 x 30 x 48
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 09:17 PM

I didn't see a sugar glider section... awesome!

I was researching to find out why, and came across this...

I am so glad! Thanks for clearing that up!

I sse it now, panic attack! Those are nice cages!
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I got most of my toys from SunCoast. That is also whom I purchased from as gifts for the friend how got me hooked. Her gliders love the Rockin Maraca & Jazzy Swing, as do mine. Here is the link straight to their toys: SunCoast Toys

I've also ordered several toys from Etsy, but they've not arrived yet, so i can't speak for their quality or how much the gliders dig them. Still, might be something worth searching.
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 09:32 PM

I was worried about my cage choice. My rats loved it. Lightweight, easy to clean, but i have not seen any pics or read of anyone else using one. Cost? Looks?

Will check out SunCoast Toys.

My Chihuahua loves the Monkey Biscuits.
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 11:26 PM

Not all of their toys need to be crafted. Mine love straws stuck into anything, the rings from milk lids (cut so they don't get stuck in them), barrel of monkeys hung around the cage, and a small plastic tub (or recycled sour cream container) with fleece scraps (they don't have to look pretty).
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/14/16 11:49 PM

My girl's favorite toy right now is those textured plastic chains that are for babies:

I hang them in a chain from the top of the cage

Edit: I found a pic of the exact ones I purchased. I recognize the package:

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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/15/16 09:37 PM

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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 01/16/16 07:21 AM

GO to dollar store get lots of $1 pom poms and a basket, make a ball pit. You can also get rings at dollar store.
Look for baby toys, goodwill, walmart, anything they can explore works great. We got a small folding doll house, closed up it gives the glider all kinds of tunnels to explore. My wife just got a very large 3 story doll house, we will see how they like it tomorrow.
you must make fleece rope for them to walk and climb on.
At pet store we got sticks that attach to cage and stick inside for them to walk on.

These come with small baskets we hang on the plastic chains in the cage. Fill up with treats/veggies/fruits and the gliders have hours of fun foraging for food.
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 02/05/16 09:40 AM

BYK Chainsaw those look like fun toys for them, I've never seen those so it could be fun. Thanks for sharing.

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Overwhelmed Newbie - 02/09/16 03:50 PM

Not used to looking at choking hazards for play things. Need to rewire my brain.
thanks for the advice.
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