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GOT MILK? - 01/15/16 03:11 AM

I found Stuart a small Easter egg or two today at the dollar store and I also found two ping pong type balls really thin and light weight. I also cut the rings off of the milk and this is ok as they cannot chew it up or swallow it? Just making sure it is the actual rings you are talking about and NOT JUST the actual Milk top lid?
LMK if the ping pong balls are ok as well.

Thanks sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: GOT MILK? - 01/15/16 04:05 AM

The ping pong balls are fine.

Yes, the rings are a glider favorite toy.

Gliders may chew on their plastic toys but they spit out the bits just as they would spit out the bark of a tree they chew on to make saps flow.

Gliders actually spit out a good bit of the foods they chew as well - they suck the juices and nutrients out of the thoroughly chewed foods and spit out the fibrous parts that they do not need to eat. You will see little moon shaped pieces in their food dish or on the floor of the cage - these are what we call 'spitlings'.
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Re: GOT MILK? - 01/15/16 08:50 AM

Wow, In some ways they are smarter than some people I know lol, people do things that are harmful to themselves all the time and these little critters well they have brains. :yes: I have seen the moon shape spitlings pretty clever little glider.

Thank you will let him enjoy a couple new things tonight then.

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: GOT MILK? - 01/15/16 08:57 AM

IT'S A HIT :rock: The milk rings are the BOMB cloud9 Stuart came and took it from my hand when I handed it to him.

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: GOT MILK? - 01/18/16 03:47 AM

I was so curious when I first got them and saw the "spitlings" I thought it was oats or something. Mine definitely do that! Always glad to know when things are "normal".
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