Cage dilemma

Posted By: FurMom

Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 01:41 AM

The cage that came with our new glider is big enough, but it's just an awful design. The drip pan IS the bottom of the cage. So, the glider can't be in the cage when you slide it out to clean it. There's no cage piece above it. And, from what I can tell, there's no way to buy that piece.

So, I thought of exchanging it for this cage:

But I'm thinking...this one may not be tall enough. Thoughts?
Posted By: nicoleejeanne

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 04:01 AM

It's says it's 40" tall, but is that with or without the stand? It seems like it would be lower to the ground regardless. Other than that it looks pretty good in my opinion, since you plan on using this as a temporary cage, right?
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 04:20 AM

The door on that cage does not look very big and it may be hard to get a glider safe 12 inch wheel into the cage.

You might also want to consider this cage:

it is a little higher off the floor and has a large door to put a glider safe wheel into the cage

You might even go bigger with the Madascar or Congo cage also found on the above web site.
Posted By: Takaia

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 04:35 AM

I've heard awesome things about the Midwest Critter Nation cage. Unfortunately, they've changed the design so that it's no longer possible to jury rig it to work with the pan beneath the wire bottom. I found out, however that the All Living Things multi level small animal cage is manufactured by Midwest, and it looks like it's the old design that's easy to work with! I just bought my gliders one, but I haven't put it together yet. If you want, I can keep you posted once I try to put it together if it actually has the right structure, or if the picture on the box is wrong.
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 04:46 AM

Takaia, yes please let me know how it goes. Hmmm...Midwest...I will have to see if I can get a cage bottom from them. This cage would be so much more usable if it had a cage bottom.

Nicole, I think it would be too short. It seems the space under the cage is at least 10", possibly more. And the entire height is 40". So, it won't work.

Candy, Houdi's cage is like the Brisbane and they'll both be in there eventually. So, this is only temporary. But when I can give them an upgrade, I'm definitely keeping the Madagascar cage in mind! About the wheels, she came with an unsafe wheel, so I tossed it. Right now what I have for her is a smaller raptor wheel that came in Houdi's travel cage (The Weekender). The new glider is pretty small, so I think it's okay for now. But I do want to get a new wheel. Houdi's wheel is always leaning, like it's going to fall off. I have to tighten it often. So, I want to get the new girl a new wheel that will replace Houdi's when they are eventually together. What is the quietest wheel?
Posted By: BYK_Chainsaw

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 08:22 AM

I believe that is the WRONG cage. I use this cage.

You can also get as critter nation on amazon, same cage.

You build without center piece so is one big open area, you install center piece with tie wraps on bottom about 2 inches from bottom of cage. this gives you a place to put plastic poop catch pan.

these cages can be stacked. ours is 6 feet tall inside glider play room, 3 feet by 2 feet.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 01:47 PM

There are many options out there. This is my cage

I've had it over a year and I take it outside and power wash when needed. It has a powder coat finish. It has held up really well, and love the storage area underneath for tote storage of their bedding and toys I change out. Rolls right out the door no issues. It is sturdy.
Posted By: Aqua

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/22/16 09:31 PM

I have the suncoast one too, got it on amazon. It's much better quality than the other two I have. I really like the door latches and the wire is nice and sturdy. I have another one I got second hand that is bigger but not nearly as sturdy, it's even starting to rust.
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/23/16 07:23 PM


I can't send you a PM. Didn't your webpage have links to find wheels? I can't find it! frown
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/24/16 01:38 AM

The links can be found here
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Cage dilemma - 01/24/16 02:02 AM

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