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Quiet cage - 02/01/16 05:20 AM I'm sleeping on the couch tonight so I can keep an eye/ear on Houdi and Lulu since they were just introduced this afternoon. The only thing that is jolting as far as the new noises is their cage. Are there any cages that are quieter? Not as shakey? Sturdier?

All their little noises are so darned cute. What I absolutely LOVE is that Lulu is AWAKE! Houdi will have her on a normal glider schedule in no time!! smile
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Re: Quiet cage - 02/01/16 09:23 AM

YEAH :yes: she just needed a good influence friend. Congrats.

sugiemom to Stuart :grey:
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Re: Quiet cage - 02/01/16 01:52 PM

I'm not on my tablet to give you the link but I have the sturdy cage from Suncoast gliders and our RV cage is pretty noisy. It has thinner wires and is basically a flight cage for finches. I have to watch this one for rust and keep it painted. The Suncoast cage is much nicer and fairly quiet till the girls really start jumping around and making noise.

After while you get used to the noise. It becomes comforting after awhile to know they are up and about and having fun. Now when it's too quiet I wake up.

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Re: Quiet cage - 02/02/16 12:55 AM

I also have this cage HQ Large Sturdy

It is a sturdy cage, however if your gliders move around in a noisy fashion (s/a: jumping & sometimes wheel noise, tossing things about the cage) you will still hear them, but not too much rattling.

The next size smaller HQ Sturdy

Fine for 2 gliders, however larger is better, so if you have the budget, I recommend the larger one.

I personally have a like/dislike of the 6 additional doors on front, meaning sometimes I like them sometimes, sometimes they bother me, usually when cleaning (I changed out the zip ties provided for reusable ones so I can clean between the doors on major cleaning days). Most of the time, those doors don't bother me at all though.

You can purchase basically the same cage without those 6 additional doors and added shelves (which I did end up purchasing 2 shelves from the following site for my cage, I like having platforms)




I also once had this cage from this site, it's good for smaller floor footprint, a little more space from the Brisbane, not as much as the Congo. Also HQ and a nice sturdy cage.


Many people also like this following cage

Critter Nation

I also believe Petsmart has a similar cage.
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Re: Quiet cage - 02/02/16 02:37 AM

Just an FYI on the Critter Nation, they recently changed the design so it's no longer possible to jury rig it so the tray is underneath the bottom grate rather than on top. Otherwise I love the idea of that cage. I just purchased the Petsmart version of that cage, but I haven't put it together yet. We'll see if it's the right shape for what I'm after smile. It's manufactured by the same people as the Critter Nation, just rebranded (I emailed the manufacturer to make sure!)
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Re: Quiet cage - 02/02/16 03:36 AM

I love my suncoast cage. I hear noises from their toys much more than the cage. My cheaper one I got used (don't know manufacturer) is much louder, but no one sleeps in that room so it's not much of a problem. It just makes the dog want to go see what they are up to.
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