Lights, Camera , ACTION!

Posted By: Cathayvet

Lights, Camera , ACTION! - 02/09/16 03:48 PM

Has anyone tried to record their gliders activity overnight? What camera system do you use? I have been looking into some cameras but i am a very low tech person. I haven't been able to load a picture yet. When i try to catch them playing they freeze. Baby monitors do not record. I guess i do not need a camera with night recording..just leave a light on. So many to choose from.

Please send me your suggestions. I would like to know what foods and toys they prefer.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Lights, Camera , ACTION! - 02/10/16 03:08 AM

I have never recorded them other than short videos of them playing or eating.
You would have to ask at a place like BestBuy for the best thing to record them at night.

My guys like yogurt drops, dehydrated papaya, chicken, turkey, avocado.
Posted By: Cathayvet

Re: Lights, Camera , ACTION! - 02/10/16 03:44 AM

Well tomorrow is my 1/2 day off and i guess i will do some shopping. I need to look into Pet Cams also..but i don't think they will record. I love the videos i see on You Tube and i love to watch them but they stop when i enter the room!!

If i find one i will let ya"ll know. HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!
Posted By: BYK_Chainsaw

Re: Lights, Camera , ACTION! - 02/10/16 07:59 AM

we have a 7 by 9 foot playroom in basement, we turn down the lights (gliders being noctural) sit in the chairs and let the gliders go crazy. Big mama doesnt do to much, mostly wandering around. But the other three most of the time will run around like nuts. running on the floor, climbing the wall net, running on fleece ropes from one side to another of the room. And of course jumping all over the place from rope to person from person to floor and back up the wall again. If I stand up I usually get 3 gliders jumping on me, then off me, another jumping spot. Sophie even will use the top of my head.

I suggest you make the room glider safe, turn down the lights and open the cage, then just sit and wait.

We also do this at night for best results, about 1 to 2 am is best. And a nice helping of mealworms to get them awake and excited can get them started.
Posted By: Philwojo

Re: Lights, Camera , ACTION! - 02/10/16 02:18 PM

Look in to a security cam that has Web access, a lot of those will record in multiple ways and they are fairly inexpensive. They also do good at night. Ralead up on them as there are a lot of choices. Most will connect to WiFi but not all. Some are what they call PTZ or Pant Tilt Zoom. Those can do just that, move, and you control that remotely, but they will tend to cost more.

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