Cages, cages, cages... Different or same ?

Posted By: SugarLove2

Cages, cages, cages... Different or same ? - 02/09/16 10:41 PM

So I adopted a rescue. Her cage came with her and it is big enough, but its just not sturdy. its like bird wire. the doors are too small.

So I'm thinking about one of these two ..are there any differences? They almost look the same. Anyone know ? I cant tell. I want STURDY. We have dogs and cats and I don't want little doors popping open and such.

Posted By: Terry

Re: Cages, cages, cages... Different or same ? - 02/10/16 01:06 AM

Congratulations on your new family addition!!

Both of those cages are well made and sturdy. They are both HQ Brand, and have the exact dimensions.

Are they're any differences? Maybe, I never personally had either of those cages, but have had the HQ Madagascar from EN, and currently have the HQ Lrg Sturdy from Suncoast. The differences in the size I have is that the Suncoast cage has 6 small, sliding window/doors that come with feeder dishes, where the Congo (EN cage) does not. The EN cage also comes with shelves, and ladders. These aren't necessary and many people prefer to not have them anyway.

Now, I can't say if the HQ Sturdy cage has those extra sliding, window/doors or not, but it should come with the shelves and ladders.

My personal feeling on the shelves and ladders, I like to have one or two shelves(depending on cage size) to provide platforms for holding feeding stations, water stations, and activity stations (place toys and hang toys from) through out the cage. I personally feel it utilizes more cage space for them than not having them. I watch how my gliders like to spend on the floor where the feeding stations and floor toys were placed. Using the shelves gives more dimensions to the cage and they utilize them. I do not use the ladders, they can be dangerous I had been told soon after I got the Madagascar cage years ago. I also feel, since most cages, even flight cages do not really allow space for full gliding, they can jump, so platforms are handy for launchings & and landings. Since I got the cage from Suncoast, I ordered the proper sized shelves from EN (two of them) and use those in the cage.
Posted By: BYK_Chainsaw

Re: Cages, cages, cages... Different or same ? - 02/10/16 09:21 AM

Those look like good cages, and are made by HQ.
I use critter nation and the petsmart version all things living. These cages are really nice and sturdy, have not had an escape yet. They are also expandable. we took the first one 4 x 3 x 2 and added half of the 2nd one to it so now it is 6 feet tall x 3 x 2. I could go 8 feet tall, but would have to put in bad spot of room. If we get a third cage, we will go 6 x 6 x 2.

we are very happy with these cages, you also get a big front door for full access to cage and gliders.
Posted By: SugarLove2

Re: Cages, cages, cages... Different or same ? - 02/11/16 04:08 AM

Thanks for the feedback, I will have to keep shelves, she isn't much on a leaper right now :o( She has been alone a while with not many toys so learning to play again may take some time.
Posted By: Takaia

Re: Cages, cages, cages... Different or same ? - 02/11/16 05:18 AM

If they're both from the same manufacturer and the pictures look so similar, I doubt there are any differences.
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