My cage set up!

Posted By: Nicole019

My cage set up! - 04/26/16 12:48 PM

Hello everyone! I'm a soon to be glider mommy. Im getting two twin girls the beginning of June from a breeder. I'm so excited, I have been getting ready for my babies and I wanted to share my cage set up and see if I'm missing anything. I still need to get a wheel. I have one water bottle but should I pick up another since the cage is so big? Any tips or ideas are welcomed! I hope the picture shows up its my first time adding a picture.

Ps don't mind the little pink fleece pieces in the bottom left they won't stay there I will use those to put my scent on. My daughter wanted to make them a "bed" haha

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Posted By: Hutch

Re: My cage set up! - 04/26/16 02:35 PM

Howdy Nicole,

First I would highly encourage you to get a second bottle. It's less about the size of the cage & more about backup. I've had mine tip over a bottle so it no longer works & cram food up the tube so one drained out. Having a full backup attached to their cage means they 'should' always have access to water (or worse case, only be without for a very short time).

Second, if they're removable, I would (personally) consider removing the ramps. They don't need the help getting between levels & could use the space for jumping around. At least, that is how mine do things.

Great set-up, in any case!
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Re: My cage set up! - 04/26/16 02:44 PM

Thank you for responding I will definitely get a second water bottle then. Also thanks for the recommendation to remove the ramps I will do that too!
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Re: My cage set up! - 04/26/16 05:26 PM

What is the pink stick in the upper right? Is that textured like sandpaper? If so I am not sure what the thoughts are on here about those, I haven't seen much on those.

Also, will you have a 2nd cage for traveling or moving them? If not you may want to consider that in case you have an emergency or just need to separate them or put them in a 2nd cage while you clean this one.
Posted By: Nicole019

Re: My cage set up! - 04/26/16 05:35 PM

It's a nail trimming perch but if it's not safe I will definetly remove it. I don't have a second cage I just figured I would put them in their bonding pouch when I cleaned the cage. Do most people have a second cage?
Posted By: Philwojo

Re: My cage set up! - 04/26/16 05:52 PM

I can't answer on the nail trimming perch, I have read very minimal things that it might be bad for the pads of their feet, but I could be wrong on that.

As for the 2nd cage, just throwing that out there. I know what your "plan" is, but what if one gets sick, can you keep the other in the bonding pouch long term? What if one gets violent?

Not that these things happen, probably ever, but what if they do? I always like to be prepared is my point. Not trying to scare you, but just putting it out there.

Posted By: Terry

Re: My cage set up! - 04/26/16 09:51 PM


Suggestions already made to remove ramps and add 2nd water bottle, both I highly agree with. Just putting that out there even though you stated you would make those changes.

I have heard some statements against the sanded perches, I bought one also when I first homed my two girls, I removed it upon suggestions to do so.

There is nothing wrong otherwise with your set up, it looks very cozy. I see you have the CN or All Living Things version, very big cage! Your babies will love all the space.

Phil made a good point. It wouldn't hurt to have an "emergency/travel" arrangement handy. This doesn't have to be a second lrg. cage such as you have. You can purchase a Pop up kennel, I believe medium size to use for those occasions here is a great link to review that option in This thread
Posted By: Nicole019

Re: My cage set up! - 04/27/16 12:40 PM

Thanks for all the help guys! I love how helpful and informative this forum is
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