Dangers of Heat Lamps

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Dangers of Heat Lamps - 04/29/16 01:14 PM


When I got my first Suggie, Roo from Pocket Pets, they insisted that Roo would need a heat lamp and that there was no need for the clamp and suggested I just rest it on top of the cage. Not knowing any better I did so. Then I realized that Roo would travel along the top of the cage and would go under the heat lamp. I didn't want her to get burned so my husband cut some blocks and raised the heat lamp up about 4 inches. We never had a problem. In comes Nigel, totally different personality. He likes to knock the blocks around. Last night was late and I was tired and forgot to turn the lamp off. My mistake! :hit: Nigel moved a block and the bulb of the heat lamp landed on one of the blocks. It burned all night to the point where the block looks like it was in the fire pit. It is black! There was no smoke so the detectors didn't go off.

My advice to anyone using a heat lamp. Make a secure stand for it and have it high enough above the cage so that the kids can't move any part of it! Yes it was my fault and I'm still totally freaked out. I don't want to take the lamp away from the kids, they enjoy the heat and living in CT I feel it's necessary to help keep them nice and warm.

I am going to try and attach photos of the block of wood and of the new stand my husband is going to make for the lamp.

Leslie :willy: worried angel
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Leslie, when PP first started selling gliders, they were selling them younger than they should have, and many of those little ones were too young to regulate they body temperatures which is why they sold heat lamps with them.

Glider sold at the proper age have no need for these lamps, and as you have pointed out, they are dangerous even when owners take precautions to keep them out of reach of the gliders.

We always suggest putting extra fleece in the pouches and just getting rid of the lamps completely. The gliders will do just fine.

Thank you so much for your post. It is always good to hear first hand what can happen. I am so glad nothing happened to your babies.
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Re: Dangers of Heat Lamps - 04/29/16 03:41 PM

Thanks Karen! I'm thankful that the Suggies are okay and that my house didn't catch on fire. I think we had guardian angels watching over us. angel
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Oh man when I first got them I put the heat rock in the cage with a little blanket on top like they tell you to do, and one day I find this forum and read about the dangers of heat lamps/rocks. I got this bad feeling and I came home from work to see that they were sleeping on top of it under the blanket but they had managed to mess with their water bottle enough that it had gotten stuck and completely run dry! I filled it back up and gave them lots of applesauce so they could re-hydrate, I really feel like it was a miracle that I discovered this site and got that info in time, who knows what they'd be like if I'd have waited until I had gotten home from work to discover that situation ohwell
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Heat rocks are just as bad if not worse than the heat lamps, as they go inside the cage and the gliders can chew on the cord.

I have a heat rock that I take along when I do educational venues, it came in with a rescue, you should see the cord. There is actually bare wires on one spot.

If your going to use a heat lamp, use the clamp, better yet mount it to something next to the cage and not the cage itself.

I myself have Avitech bird warmers, they are great. I had gotten them for my parrots but have used them when the place I used to live ran out of propane one winter and we had to heat with electric heaters for almost a month.
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Re: Dangers of Heat Lamps - 05/02/16 09:13 PM

Oh yeah I definitely saw 'Mella biting the cord when I first put them in there and I was all in a panic, I rushed to hide the cord from them and even ordered those plastic covers that you put over them, haha.

I do still have the heat lamp and rock just in case there's some sort of emergency where I would need them; I bought the stand for the lamp also (there's one thing they don't provide for you in their initial package shakehead )
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