Pouch vs. Nest Box

Posted By: Terry

Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/04/16 06:20 PM

I guess this would be a Poll of sorts. I am wondering how many people prefer nest boxes over pouches and why.

I have been back and forth over trying a nest box. I know that most are made of wood, and I've considered those as well as looking into a plastic option. I would definitely purchase one if I decide to go one, because I don't really have what it takes to make a nice safe one myself.

If I do go with trying a nest box, should I leave a pouch in there and let them choose their preferred place to sleep, or leave the pouch out to encourage their use of the nest box?

If anyone uses a nest box could also include how they keep it clean. A plastic version would be easy enough, but not sure how to handle a wooden one.

I'm looking forward to responses. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/05/16 03:45 PM

Peggy/srlb used to make nest boxes, but I'm not sure if she still does. They do need to be treated to keep them from soaking up the poop/pee.

Seems that years ago nest boxes were more popular than they are now, and I'm wondering if that is because vendors have come up for better solutions for those gliders who are pouch protective - like the hammocks and other open type pouches dunno
Posted By: Terry

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/05/16 04:09 PM

Thank you Karen. I had seen them on her "store" page, and I often wondered if my gliders would like them. They love their pouches, and pouches are so easy if you need to get to them during the day when they're sleeping, like for nail trims. I just still try thinking of new ways to enrich their lives and wonder if a nest box would be beneficial to them.

I understand the "open environment" options, but I am not a fan of offering them as an only option. I often have a more open option other than a pouch and they are used for siestas during the night time or more like a chill pad place to hangout for a bit. They choose their pouch to sleep in during the day.

I know my Lulu would be what is considered "pouch protective" and it never stopped me from using a pouch. The funny thing is, when I homed her along with her mate Skadoosh, they had practically nothing for cage accessories. The first items I purchased for them was a fake, plush tree trunk hide (for birds) and a hammock/tunnel set I purchased from PP (I didn't realize they were frowned upon at the time). They preferred the hammock, then tree trunk. And Lulu was still so very "whole cage protective" even with having the hammock. I ended up using pouches. She has come a long way, and even using pouches, especially deep pouches, she has improved so greatly in her "protectiveness" or more like "fearfulness".

I guess it's what they become accustomed to or just personal preferences. Hoping for some more experiences with nest boxes and comparisons to help me make the decision to try one or not.
Posted By: Srlb

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/05/16 07:46 PM

Yes, we still make nest boxes and yes, they do need to be coated to make sure the marking/urine/feces does not absorb into them. Some I made back in 2006 are still in use today and holding strong!! :-)
Posted By: Terry

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/05/16 08:25 PM

I figured so Peggy, and I have often contemplated getting one, and still am. I was more wondering what others views and/or opinions of using them over pouches, and also the best way to clean/maintain the wooden nest boxes.

Any opinions and experiences on/with nest boxes are greatly appreciated.

Also, what does one think about if using a nest box in home and using pouches during travel/trips?
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/07/16 01:38 PM

I've had a coconut for a year now. Mine "hangout" at night in it and take their naps in there. They may have marked it, but it just smells like them,not pee. So I haven't had to wash it.
During the days, it's the deepest pouch they choose or the fleece crochet log I made depending on their mood.

I'm looking for an alternate sleeping for hot summer days. I wonder if a box would work. They seem to adjust their body temp really well when sleeping to temperature.

I see fleece cubes out there, but so far my attempts to make them aren't up to my standards.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/07/16 11:55 PM

Thanks Dawn, for your input, and I hadn't thought that a box might be a nice "summer" option. I do not think they would take well for travel though, at least not in my "vacation" setup for my furbutts. But then again, I do not have any plans of travel anytime soon. Going on two years since my trek across country, lol.
Posted By: Thumper

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 01:49 PM

I've always preferred pouches over nest boxes but only because it's so easy to swap out a pouch and toss the dirty one in the washer.

However, I have a pair that can't use pouches. One is a digger and one is a chewer. They have destroyed every single pouch I've ever tried.

A wood nest box is not an option for me due to the chewer so I requested a plexiglass and stainless steel nest box from a vendor. She put air holes in it for ventilation and a flip top lid which I just keep open. There's also an entrance hole in the side. I tossed some fleece blankets inside and it's working perfectly for my situation.

One of these gliders is also pouch protective but she does well in the box I'm using.

For cleaning, I have two so when it's dirty, I just simply swap them out and toss the dirty one in the dishwasher.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 02:32 PM

Thank you Thumper. I have also considered a plastic version.

Most of the "hides" I have tried do not seem to be liked unless I place a bowl of food inside, lol. I do not think they like the transparency. What color is your plexiglass?
Posted By: Thumper

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 03:49 PM

Mine are all clear but the blankets seem to help give them a way to hide. They are always covered up when they're in there.

It's been a long time since I've posted any pictures in here so if I can figure that out, I'll show you later today. It will be one of her stock photos though. I'm giving my pair one more chance at a regular pouch. It's been a long time since they've had that pleasure.
Posted By: Thumper

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 04:02 PM

She sent me 3 pictures. I add a lot more blankets to mine than what she shows in the pictures. One of the pictures shows her optional cage mount.

Attached picture 001.jpg
Attached picture 002.jpg
Attached picture 003.jpg
Posted By: Terry

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 04:09 PM

Thank you once again Thumper. Looks pretty cool. I do not have trouble with digging and chewing so much in the pouch.

I really appreciate your input and pictures.
Posted By: Thumper

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 04:12 PM

You're welcome. What Peggy has is a less expensive option. wink
Posted By: Terry

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/12/16 04:44 PM

Well, even though I have considered plastic options, I'm leaning more towards getting a wood one from Peggy anyway, if I do decide finally to get one. I was kind of hoping for more feedback in positive light for the nest box, but it appears that the pouch is most preferred.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Pouch vs. Nest Box - 06/13/16 03:18 AM


I am considering a nest box too. Options seem to be few as far as material.

I do like the plexiglass box.

I have a cotton candy tub from the dollar store and a cool whip tub I'm thinking of trying. I saw a u tube video posted where there were many all stuffed in one.

I feel with enough air holes and maybe 2 entrance holes they may like them for something different.
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