Cage conundrum

Posted By: Cori

Cage conundrum - 09/12/16 11:24 PM

Right now my joeys are in a small cage so I can catch them when I need to, but I'm looking into what cage to get them next. Here are the 2 I've narrowed it down to:

Those cages are in my price range and I only have the 2 suggies, so I don't need anything huge. My house is open to a huge cage, but my wallet isn't. Feedback is greatly appreciated or more suggestions for cages in a similar price range.
Posted By: Colleen

Re: Cage conundrum - 09/13/16 12:19 AM

I love my "all things living" cage. Both your options seem similar to what I have.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Cage conundrum - 09/13/16 02:11 AM

I've personally had the Madagascar cage from EN, I felt it was a great cage! Had my pair of gals in it, then homed my Ollie boy. The trio had plenty of room,many I was able to create many versatile setups for them to keep them stimulated.

I am not familiar with the second cage fro Amazon, but from looks in the pic, I think the Madagascar HQ cage is sturdier.

Hope this helps.
Posted By: sugarfluff

Re: Cage conundrum - 09/13/16 02:26 AM

I looked at the cage from amazon too. I ended up getting a cage similar to this cage.;pi=SY200_QL40

I have been using it since May. I really like it. It is sturdy, and rather easy to clean. The doors are large, which makes it easy to reach in. It comes with 8 feeder doors with bowls... good for switching food placements, giving treats, whenever you just wanna reach in quick. It can be a bit noisy. The main doors close against the frame and it's metal on metal...little glider jumps make it rattle. It's easily fixed with door cushions or sticky felt. The small feeder doors rattle a tad too, I zip tied the ones I don't use and that helped quiet it. The noise now is very doable and not bad. Overall it's a great cage in my opinion.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your search.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Cage conundrum - 09/13/16 07:04 PM

You will be happier with the cage from exotic nutrition, the cage you shared a link for on Amazon is very flimsy. I had one come in with a group of rescues, it isn't something I would purchase for myself.
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