Hammock vs. pouch

Posted By: Fiyero

Hammock vs. pouch - 09/25/16 07:47 PM

Hi everyone,

Just curious as to what your gliders prefer? Hammocks or sleeping pouches?

My gliders basically ignore their hammock in favor of their pouches in their cage...but the breeder from whom I got both of my little fuzz butts uses hammocks almost exclusively.

Is there any benefit going one way or the other? Or is it all personal glider preference?
Posted By: Feather

Re: Hammock vs. pouch - 09/25/16 08:05 PM

My gliders sleep in their pouches. I don't use corner hammocks, my guys like square hammocks up high.

I will find them sitting on their bums in the hammock looking like a bunch of hippies sharing s doobie.

Honest they all look like their higher than kites, laying back eyes half open. LOL
Posted By: Terry

Re: Hammock vs. pouch - 09/25/16 09:57 PM

I started my two girls in a parachute hammock and then switched to pouches. For daytime sleeping they prefer the pouch, but I'll catch one, two, or on occasion all three chill'n in a hammock throughout the evening/night when I hang one in there as a square hammock. I usually hang it high, off their ceiling but sometimes hang it slightly more closed off a lower shelf, then they don't mess with it as much.

I think some owners prefer using hammocks for pouch protective gliders, but personally I feel it's best to offer variety and let them choose. So I usually offer a pouch and at least one other style option (hammock, tunnel, cube).
Posted By: Fiyero

Re: Hammock vs. pouch - 09/25/16 10:26 PM

Ok cool. Thanks for your replies guys! :D
Posted By: djbcourt

Re: Hammock vs. pouch - 09/27/16 01:10 AM

I will see my gliders in all 3 types. For the day they sleep in there pouch at night sometimes Hecules will be in the corner hammock chewing on a stick (when I clean it out there are wood chips all in the hammock) and I have seen both Hercules and Bruticus in the parachute hammock at times sleeping. My guys do like switching it up where they like to sleep (or hang out).
Posted By: Fiyero

Re: Hammock vs. pouch - 10/07/16 01:27 AM

I put a new comb hammock in the cage and Oz loves it! So apparently I found one that at least one of my fuzz butts like haha
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