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Glider Room - 10/22/16 01:03 PM

Hi all,

I have 4 standard Grey Gliders. I have a huge roomy cage but decided to go one step further and give them a room. It is a small bathroom (toilet has their bin of stuff ontop so they CANNOT get it). Are there any toys anyone reccomends, rather than the usual pouches and so forth? Also I know Sugar Gliders live in warm temps and am anti heat rock (sorry) has anyone tried getting a small heater for the room the gliders were in to keep the temperature regulated for hem? My house stays around 70 which is MUCH to cold for them.
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Re: Glider Room - 10/22/16 02:23 PM

I will offer feedback only on the temp aspect, the general rule of thumb I have seen around here is that if the temperature if comfortable for you then it is fine for the gliders. 70 should be totally fine for the gliders, if you are worried for when they are sleeping just get some thicker pouches and have blankets (made of fleece) for them in the pouch for when they sleep.
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It's getting on winter here & oil heating is $$$. I keep my house around 64dF & mine seem just as active as when it in the 80s. I offer them a variety of pouch thicknesses & squares of fleece they may 'nest' with.
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