Treat Boxes

Posted By: ShyMayahMom

Treat Boxes - 01/06/17 09:29 PM

So I bought my fluffies some of those tiny treasure boxes for hiding treats. They love to hunt them down! But I have limited places to hide them, and they're getting bored with the usual spots.

Does anyone use any little treat boxes that you could hang from the side of the cage with a c clip?

I saw the brain game thing on pocket pets with the little plastic balls (I know, Pocket Pets. Ugh) and they seemed perfect. I would just be concerned with them cracking them with their teeth and cutting up their mouth. Or does anyone use these?

Any suggestions?
Posted By: Feather

Re: Treat Boxes - 01/07/17 02:31 AM

I think those would be ok, people use plastic easter eggs and those little chests you can get at the dentist for lost teeth to hid treats in.

foraging toy 1

foraging toy 2

These would be fun for them, it would make them think.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Treat Boxes - 01/07/17 03:23 AM

First one looks fun, I may have to order. The second one wouldn't take my balls of touble any time at all (they already try to pull everything I give them apart).
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Treat Boxes - 01/07/17 11:07 AM

I like the first toy too!

Easter eggs are fun for them. They can be strung on fleece too which makes another challenge. Drill holes in each end, string on fleece where the egg can be snapped shut. String several between knots.

Straws bent into triangles with honey or a smelly small treat tucked into end before it's closed.

Hockey puck shaped gum containers, tictac boxes....

Change out their toys often so it gives them a something new to do. Once they figure it out.
Posted By: Cathayvet

Re: Treat Boxes - 01/08/17 02:57 AM

Poke holes in toilet paper rolls and stuf them with the same as the pocket pets boxes or shredded paper. Much cheaper.
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