Double Critter Nation bedding ?

Posted By: Kp3690

Double Critter Nation bedding ? - 08/21/17 04:35 PM

Hi, I'm trying to decide what type of bedding to use when we get our gliders. We are leaning towards getting the double critter nation cage. Any advice? I have done some searches and seen that many people don't actually use any bedding and just clean out their tray. I am assuming that these are the cages with mesh on the bottom though. I really don't like the idea of having them walking through their mess all night long on the solid shelves. It sounds like many of you love this cage, so I thought I'd ask what works for all of you that have this cage.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Double Critter Nation bedding ? - 08/21/17 09:42 PM

There are mods that can be done on some of these cages, but sorry, you'll have to wait till someone who's done one gets on here to explain it.
Posted By: Alan

Re: Double Critter Nation bedding ? - 08/22/17 02:19 PM

Some people may have some better options, but for my gliders, instead of putting the tray inside the cage as a bottom, I rest it on the lower shelf. I don't store anything there because I need to move my cage every week to clean, so I just lay it there and put newspaper or towels on it. Far enough away they can't reach it and contains most of the mess they drop. It doesn't seem to bother them with the wire floor, since they spend most of the time on the wheel or climbing the walls. Then I can even just tip and dump into the trash can and wash it in my bathtub haha.
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