Petco Large Dog Crate

Posted By: Alan

Petco Large Dog Crate - 11/28/17 10:38 PM

Hi all!!
So this is just to give a description of one of the cages I found for travel. There was a site that sells it ( but itís no longer in stock! So I found a similar make at Petco (cheaper on Amazon btw!!) and just received it!
First thoughts: the suncoast one came with a grid system to hang things. It is super easy to pop up and is large, especially on its side standing up. A good size for gliders (about the size of the top half of a critter nation). But without those grids, it will be a challenge to hang things. There is a hole for a water bottle but being on the one of the shorter sides, if I stand it up it is either upside down or flat on the ground.
It does seem possible to use the poles on the frame to your advantage. They are very sturdy, so I would probably zip tie my wheel to the bottom and then the water bowl with its clip to the side or zip ties to a support corner bar. Then use the top across pieces to hang fleece from side to side and use those to then hang toys from. Makes it easy to wash afterwards. Other though I had was to buy those wire racks used for shelving or cooling baked goods if you can find the right side, and tie to a side you want to hang things on and use that as support. Only worry would be if it isnít secured top and bottom it will swing when they jump on it and it will flap back and forth.
I donít believe it comes with flaps to cover the mesh on the sides, because half the panels are and half arenít mesh. It comes with a very nice carry bag, folds in seconds even on my first try and does have a decent pocket on one end to hold supplies (plates, water bottle, maybe a toy or 2, not huge but workable).

Hereís the link on amazon of the one I got, purely for a picture of it:

Any questions?! I still havenít used it for them yet so I canít comment on that!! But with the holidays coming up and the sales around, it would be a good time to look into travel options. Itís a heavy duty canvas and can be scrubbed to get food and such off which I also like.

I hope these links and review are allowed!!!

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Petco Large Dog Crate - 11/28/17 10:50 PM

That looks like a nice kennel! Mine are right this moment in their glidarium travel cage, inside a medium pop up kennel from Walmart ($17) that I built pvc frame inside with fleece covers and tabs.

We are almost back to RV in Mississippi after a 2.5 week visit home.

I have ordered the Suncoast travel cage, but my timing was off. I didn't get it...
Posted By: Terry

Re: Petco Large Dog Crate - 11/29/17 02:29 AM

I was going to suggest a pvc frame! You can purchase the pvc and cut to build a custom insert frame (if you have the tools and know-how). Another option would be to get some of the plastic hardware clothe they use for building cages or in wheels. You can measure and cut your own grids for hanging and for the floor as well. I also strongly recommend a CCL from Jana's Suggie-Shoppe, she is still taking orders though will be undergoing surgery so will be limited as to when she fill them. They would be great for floor protection.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Petco Large Dog Crate - 11/29/17 07:08 AM

You should be able to find plastic 'grids' at home stores around the dishes or at home improvement stores (various departments) that you could cut to fit.
Posted By: Alan

Re: Petco Large Dog Crate - 12/01/17 02:35 AM

I think either of those would definitely work!! I also just thought whichever gets used might be run through the dishwasher? It needs some work as it seems all cages do for these guys but this is a good start for it and Iím glad I got a deal on it! Iíll look into the cage liners as well!
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