How to make your own cage cover! (for those that don't have a sewing machin

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How to make your own cage cover! (for those that don't have a sewing machin - 05/17/18 11:12 PM

I made this post on Sugar Glider ABCs and 123s on FB so I'll copy and post it here if you'd like to see the pics. My pics are always too big and I have to resize over and over to UL there here. frown
How To Make A Cage Cover

How to make your own cage cover! (for those that don't have a sewing machine or know how to sew, like me!)

I like to have a different set of cage covers for each season. I have the sides and top of the cage covered. This help keeps the gliders warm in the fall/winter, keeps the cage darker for them, and keeps food/poop from going on the floor and getting stuck to the wall.

I have a Congo cage and a Brisbane cage. What I do is get about 4 yards of fleece for each cage. Make sure the fleece roll is at least 59" long from top to bottom. This is kind of the standard for rolls of fleece from Joanne fabric. This will reach to almost the floor of of the Brisbane and a little above the floor for the Congo. You could use a little less for these cages, but I get extra because I also make the bridges, corner shelves, and hanging shelves with Landware Cloth) and use the extra fleece to wrap around the edges of it, in addition to fleece blankets, the fleece strips to put in their wiffle ball reset toys, and also "leaves" to put in their twisting reset Landware cloth spiral thingy.

4 yards of fleece may be enough to just drape over the top and side of the Brisbane, but it's not for the Congo. So.. This is what I do. I cut the fleece into two pieces. One piece that will fit just the top of the cage and then a long piece of fleece that would fit around the back and both sides of the cage. For both the Congo and Brisbane, I make two that are 78" x 59" for the sides and back, and for the tops I make two 33" x 22". Mind you this is for two cages, so two sets of each cut. The hardest part for me is making sure my cuts are even and straight. You want to make sure that they are equal all around sides and straight cuts. You don't want one piece to be two inches longer at the top of the cut on one side and then the shorter towards the bottom. This will mess things up when and make the cover yuck. :-)

So after you do that, I use plastic snap buttons to attach the top piece to the piece that goes along the sides and back. This is what I use from Amazon. It has a bunch of different colored snap buttons and the tool to attach them:

A couple things about this part. You have to think it through when attaching the snaps to the fleece otherwise you may attach the two pieces all wrong. I've included a pic of a Posty on how the top fits on the side/back part and numbered in order I do everything. I attach the top part of the top cover over the side/back part so it rests on top of the sides/back when on the cage. Also, the fleeces with patterns have an inside/outside side where the pattern is more detailed and sharper. Make sure the more detailed side is the side that will be showing inside the cage on the sides/back/top and not facing outward. When attaching the snaps, I snap the two front corners first, then the two back corners, then I do one side, then the other side, and then the back. This way you can make sure things are pretty much even all around. I have I think about 6-7 snaps on each side(including the front and back corner snaps), and about 8-9 (including the back corner snaps) for the back. It's fairly each to attach the snaps and alternate colors every snap to match the fleece colors and not run out of one.

I have my two cages side by side(because one in the cage of 4 does not like the 2 in the other cage and I haven't been able to merge colonies into one cage :-() I leave a few inches between the two cages so they can't reach each other. I could unsnap a side on both cages and have it fully open between them, but choose to leave them partially blocked so Lilo doesn't stress herself out screaming at the other two nonstop seeing them all the time. And there you have it. Any questions, feel free to ask. Here's pics of the latest one I made for the spring/summer and one I made for one the cages for the winter when I first tried it.
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Re: How to make your own cage cover! (for those that don't have a sewing machin - 05/18/18 12:21 AM

I do have those snaps!!! I never thought of using them for that!

Great job!

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