fresh cut applewood

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fresh cut applewood - 08/26/18 01:27 PM

It's been a rough few weeks for me and Mochie. I realized I hadn't posted since I got him a girlfriend (Mo was neutered long before getting a companion). We had her for over 2 years and they were absolutely inseparable. We lost her on Wednesday. Mochie and I did our best, w/ the vet's help, to try and get her through but... . cry :rbridge:

So it's just me and Mo again. I got Miracle because w/ my work schedule, I'm not enough to be his only friend and now only a few days since, I'm not sure what I'll do, how he's going to react, it's just tough. I've guided and supervised him on expeditions througout my entire house since Miracle's passing. I let him explore her hospital cage before and after cleaning it because she wasn't contagious. He knew she wasn't well and I believe he understands she won't be coming back. During his naps I've been reading on how to enhance his life/habitat (he has a Madagascar cage). I've decided to give him a whole room in hopes to prevent depression and loneliness for as long as possible.

Now for my question. I have a friend who has several apple trees. I'm sure we can all see where this could end up. In bringing branches indoors, are there any considerations? I know they're natural and not been sprayed or treated in any way. Should they be treated in any way for pests or anything that may be harmful to Mo? I'm going to take a slow progression from his cage to allowing expeditions in his new bedroom for maybe a max of 5 hrs each night and only add in very little at a time so he doesn't over mark or find any death traps before I can catch him. It's literally an empty room w/ 4 walls, 1 door and the power outlets are off so I'm not sure of any dangers but if they're there HE'LL FIND THEM! I'm nervous about bringing the outside in but I think he would like the apple wood branches based on everything I've read. Any advice or pictures on your play rooms? I'm desperate to keep my little guy happy since my heart can't handle getting and losing another buddy. I don't think I could comfortably give him free reign in the play room unsupervised but I think I can handle 5 hrs a night for enrichment. Any schedules or ideas or pictures anybody can share? How do you keep your single glider and not feel awful on their potential loneliness?
thanks everybody.. for all the stories I've read and the successes you've all shared. I believe he and I will be okay eventually. So far he seems to be handling it better than I did.
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Re: fresh cut applewood - 08/26/18 01:39 PM

I remember, several yrs. ago' someone suggested baking the wood in the oven to kill whatever bugs could be inside the limbs. I just can't remember how high to turn the oven up to.

300? and for how long, was it an hour?
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Re: fresh cut applewood - 08/26/18 03:37 PM

Here is a good thread for you to read:
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Re: fresh cut applewood - 08/26/18 03:55 PM

Originally Posted By: Amanda121015
I know they're natural and not been sprayed or treated in any way. Should they be treated in any way for pests or anything that may be harmful to Mo?

The reason for baking them is to kill any parasites that may linger after spraying. The trees your branches will come from have not been sprayed. A few good hard shakes should dislodge any bugs. You may see some ants or not. If you do, your gliders will not eat them, and you don't want them in your house shakehead

From the tree we had in our backyard, I would cut the biggest branches that would fit in the enclosures. They especially loved the branches in the spring, but apple seems to be a favorite.
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